International Development Intern at One Girl

Eligible Students: Masters of International Development Practice
Intake Period: Trimester 2, 2018
Duration & Days of Attendance: Full time 18th June – 16th July
Location: Collingwood

One Girl is an organisation empowering girls through education. We believe that every girl on the planet has the right to an education. No matter where she is born, how much her family earns, what religion she adheres to, or what her culture says – every girl deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and be the best she can be. And when you educate a girl, she can change her world. We’re currently working in Sierra Leone and Uganda, and we’re on a mission to educate 1 million girls across Africa. We hope you’ll join us.

About the Role

One Girl are looking for a highly motivated and passionate individual who can support with making their programs the best they can be. You will be primarily responsible for conducting research and evaluation tasks for our current girl-focused programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda. This desk research and program evaluation support will inform future program direction and strategy of One Girl.

Specific Tasks may include:

  • Research into inclusion, particularly focusing on girls with disabilities. The objective is to produce a professional report on how One Girl can best incorporate this cross-cutting issue into their programs. This should provide recommendations based on evidence of best practice and current program strengths and weaknesses of One Girl.
  • Supporting program monitoring and evaluation through tasks such as: report revision and data input and analysis.
  • Reviewing and creating new program management and partnership templates
  • Other administrative tasks as required by programs team.

Note: This position will work closely within a small team in our Collingwood office. One Girl operates a bit like a start-up organisation and as such our positions are very ‘fluid’. You may be asked to complete tasks that are outside of this position description. Upon acceptance, the programs team will work with the successful applicant to develop a plan that will be mutually beneficial.

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for APG5044 Arts Internship.

(note: please submit this under ‘Semester 2’ internships)