IFAD-MDP Research Internships

Background: IFAD- MDP stands for International Fund for Agricultural Development – Master’s in Developmental Practice. IFAD is a specific organization of the UN designed to finance agricultural development projects. It provides funding for various projects and programs around the world in an effort to eliminate rural poverty in developing countries. MDP is a cross-disciplinary graduate degree program on sustainable development practice. With a curriculum consisting of an immersive field practicum, the MDP Program’s goal is to prepare students to better identify and address the challenges of sustainable development.

The following are some of the specific IFAD opportunities available to students:

  • El papel de las mujeres, en las organizaciones de base, Bolivia.
  • Rural Finance Institution Building Program, Nigeria.
  • Development of Mechanisms and Policies for Engagement of the Private Sector in Agri-Product Processing, Vietnam.
  • Market and Value Chain Analysis for Agriculture Products, Laos PDR.
  • Impact Assessment of Sorghum Production and Trade, Kenya & Tanzania.
  • Sostenibilidad de la Redes de Jovenes Rurales in El Salvador.
  • Assessment of the current economic situation of rural youth, Belize.
  • Sweet Potato for Improved Food Security and Incomes, Kenya.

To find more information on the opportunities that are available, follow the link: https://mdpglobal.submittable.com/submit

Section Criterion & Cost

  •  Alignment of the studies or professional background with IFAD’s  request
  •  Long-term commitment to rural development
  • Above average academic records

 Cost is US$5000 + Airfares. 

Eligibility for Course Credit

  1. You should meet the eligibility criteria for, and be able to enrol in APG5044 Professional Internship


Monash Abroad Travel grant – $900

Free Travel Insurance

How to Apply

Students can apply anytime, after at least one year of academic courses. In addition, non-MDP students at  Monash can also apply.  However, priority will be given to MDP students. To apply follow the link: http://mdpglobal.org/ifad-mdp/mdp-students-application/

In order to then apply for APG5044 Professional Internship please refer to the follow the step-by-step guide.

*Applications must be submitted 3-6 months prior to intended start date*