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Benefits for Host Organisations from hosting an Intern

  • The interns are high achieving students with current academic knowledge and research skills
  • They are a great resource for specific projects or regular operations
  • They can bring in a fresh perspective and solutions
  • There are no costs for partnering with Monash and accepting an intern
  • We will carefully match an intern to your organisation and project based on your requirements

Monash Arts Graduate Attributes

Responsibilities of the Host Organisation

Placement process

If you wish to partner with the Faculty of Arts at Monash University and offer our students an opportunity to experience working in the industry, we would like to meet you or the relevant staff from your organisation and discuss your needs and projects that you may have in mind. There may be projects that our students could be involved in some ways.

Details of the placement process:

1. Project Submission form

Host Organisation can email to request further information. Once the Host Organisation has an internship opportunity, they can submit a completed project submission form for each available project to the WIL Arts Team who may call you to discuss the positions in more depth.

Download the Project Submission Form here.

2. Advertising

The WIL Arts Team office will advertise the project to students for at least 2 weeks and
invite them to apply.

3. Screening process

The WIL Arts Team meets and screens all students to select those best suited to
your workplace and project.

4. Review candidates’ applications

The WIL Arts Team sends the resume and cover letter for each suitable candidate
to the host organisation for review.

5. Host organisation interviews the selected candidate

If the interview goes well, the placement begins. If student is not
appropriate, another student will be nominated if available.

6. Internship Confirmation

Host organisation is sent the student internship agreement and
insurance documents to sign and return.

7. Placement monitoring

The WIL Arts Team will remain in contact with host organisation
periodically for informal feedback on the intern’s performance.

8. Host evaluation

On conclusion of the internship the WIL Arts Team will send the host supervisor
an evaluation form to get feedback on the placement

Remuneration for Interns

Student Interns are not required to be paid during their placements as they receive academic credit for their placements. However some organisations may wish to compensate the students for project related expenses.

Please note that internship and placement programs are not free labour and the organisation is required to assure that the intern will be provided with supervision and a safe and supportive working environment.

Hosting an intern from our internship programs is completely compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009.

Download the Fair Work Fact Sheet Here

Student placements & unpaid work

Unpaid work can include work trials, volunteer work, work experience and internships. It also includes a vocational placement as defined under the Fair Work Act 2009.

Unpaid work is lawful if it is a genuine work experience, vocational placement or volunteering arrangement.

If the work isn’t a genuine vocational placement, work experience or volunteer arrangement, the person may be an employee under the Fair Work Act. Under the Fair Work Act, employees are entitled to minimum rates of pay and workplace conditions provided in the National Employment Standard and any applicable modern award or agreement.

For More Information Visit: Fairwork Website

Insurance Cover for Interns

Monash has certain insurance coverages for eligible enrolled students who must, under their course requirements (or where it is at least course related), undertake vocational training or other work experience. Students will be provided through their School or Faculty with a letter from Monash to the work place experience provider confirming they are covered for the following insurances:

1. Public and Products Liability

2. Personal Accident

As the Host Organisation you have to bear no cost in this matter.

For more details: contact the WIL Arts Team