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International Internships

Experience and adventure An overseas internship experience is professional work experience and adventure rolled into one. Pack your bag with curiosity, open yourself to other cultures, be willing to learn, and build an appetite to tackle new challenges.
Grow your understanding You will come home with a deeper understanding of different workplace cultures, expanded networks, great communication skills and a boosted CV, all leading to that next career step.
Get hired In today’s highly globalised world, employers really value those with international experience. It allows for greater cross-cultural understanding, and opens up new avenues of thinking, bringing a fresh perspective into a business. An international internship will be a transformative experience, highlighting that you are willing to go above and beyond to achieve your goals.


International internships don’t have to be prohibitively expensive. There are a number of scholarship options available, including New Colombo Plan grants, and through Monash Abroad. Doing an internship as part of an exchange program also means you can tap into OS-HELP loans to help fund your trip. Consider an international internship as an investment in yourself.

Expand your Exchange

Completing an internship in the period before or after your international exchange will allow you to gain extra credit, or reduce your workload during the regular semester.

How to Apply

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Here are what a few of our past interns have said:

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Current Opportunities

Below are a few of our latest international opportunities. The full list can be found here. Make sure you check back regularly, as our team are constantly finding new and exciting opportunities!