Global Citizen Internships – New York

Organisation Name: Global Citizen
Position: Global Citizen Intern
Location: New York
No. of places available: 2

About the Organisation

Global Citizen is an international policy and advocacy organisation working towards the end of extreme poverty by 2030 by building partnerships across civil society, media, entertainment, business, government and the general public.

Global Citizen tackles the key issues which are seen as the major challenges that affect the eradication of extreme poverty by 2030. Modelled alongside the UN Sustainable Development Goals established in 2015, the policy team focuses on the international progress of girls and women, water, sanitation and hygiene, child health and vaccines, education focusing on education in emergencies and the economic empowerment of those living in extreme poverty.

We believe that when an organized, critical mass of individuals in society aspire to the values of Global Citizen, and when they are organized and equipped to take meaningful action, we can change the policies and practices that contribute to keeping people in extreme poverty.

About the Internship
Starting Date: July 31st 2017
Duration: 3 months until 1st November 2017

Global Citizen are looking for a passionate and professional individual to join the following teams. Please click on the links for intern position descriptions:

Scholarships & Funding

For further information about available scholarships and funding please click on the links below:

How to Apply

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for APG5044 Professional Internship.

*Applications must be submitted 3-6 months prior to intended start date*