Glen Eira College – French Language Internship

Students studying for a language major can undertake an internship with organisations in Australia and overseas, where they have an opportunity to deploy and practice their language skills.

Eligible students: Students studying French Major
Intake: Semester 1 (26 Feb – 25 May)

The total expected workload for the unit equals 144 hours. It comprises:

  1. placement at the host premises for a minimum of 16 equivalent full days (7hrs/day)
  2. two assessed tasks: a reflective journal and a portfolio

Duties will be determined by internship supervisor at Glen Eira College in consultation with Monash university coordinator. These duties may include:

  • One on one assist with GEC students in their French studies
  • Assisting in oral development of GEC students
  • Assisting GEC teachers in their classroom
  • Assisting GEC teachers in creating teaching/learning material
  • Creating teaching/learning material
  • Other duties as proposed by GEC internship supervisor in consultation with Monash coordinator

Monash students will attend an induction day at GEC. As part of the internship, they will have to spend 16 equivalent full days (7 hrs / day) at GEC premises. These days will be set at the beginning of internship together with the student’s duties.

Prior to commencing internship student are required to undertake a Volunteer Working with Children check:

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Expression interest and selection process

Students should contact the Monash coordinator of the GEC internship to express their interest. They should send a CV, a letter of motivation, and an academic record to

Candidates will be selected after consultation with the GEC principal.

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for ATS3935 Arts Internship. 

Closing date 18 January, 2018