Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an internship?

An internship is an industry experience wherein students are placed with a partner organisation to undertake real world work tasks. Students are required to apply for an internship unit via this website in order to use an internship as credit towards their degree.

2. Why can’t I enrol in the internship unit on WES?

Students need to successfully apply for an internship opportunity via the Arts WIL Team who will then manually enrol you into the unit.

3. How do I enrol in ATS3129/ATS3130/APG5044?

You need to apply for a project that is being advertised and be successfully selected in order to enrol in these units. For current internship opportunities see Current Projects. For more information on the application processes please this page for ATS3129 and ATS3130 and this page for APG5044

4. Where can I get assistance with my application?

Monash Career Connect can assist students to prepare:

  • a resume,
  • an application,
  • for an interview, etc.

See their website for more information

5. Are there any eligibility requirements?

Most internship units have eligibility criteria. Please check the handbook and individual projects for details.

6. I’m doing a double degree and have a credit average but have a distinction average for my Arts component. Can I still apply?

Yes, we will consider only the Arts component for the distinction average.

7. I don’t have a distinction average. Can I apply for an internship project?

Special consideration will be given to students who would make a genuine case for difficult circumstances. You would need a minimum of credit average but as the application process is competitive, you may not be able to secure the internship of your choice.

8. Do I have room in my degree for the internship?

Most Internship units are course elective units. If students are interested in doing an internship they should choose their electives wisely in first and second year to ensure they have room. See a course adviser at Arts Student Services for more details.

9. Can I count ATS3129/3130 towards my major?

The Professional Practice Internship unit can count toward your major. All Faculty Sourced opportunities have been approved by the WIL team. If you wish to count a self-sourced internship toward your major, the WIL team will request approval.

10. Can I do an internship with an organisation not on the current partners list?

Yes. Monash has certain requirements that should be met by the host organisation in order for students to undertake an internship for credit. Please see the Self Sourced Internship Tips or contact the WIL Arts Team for further details.

11. What details do I have to provide if I have identified an internship opportunity and want to apply to have it approved?

See the Self Sourced Internship Tips for further information and then follow the application procedure for your specific unit. Information for specific units can be found here

12. Can I get academic credit for an internship I completed recently?

No. We are unable to retrospectively apply credit for already completed internships.

13. I’m an exchange/study abroad student at Monash.  Can I enrol in ATS3129/3130 or APG5044?


14. Does Monash cover me for insurance to undertake an internship ‘not for credit’?

Students and the host will need to complete the following course-related placement proposal forms and email signed scanned copies back to Monash University Career Connect office. Please allow a minimum of ten working-days for insurance coverage to be sent.

15. How do I go about finding my own internship overseas? 

If none of the opportunities listed are of interest to you or relate to your area of study, you can find (“self-source”) your own internship with an organisation of choice. Please refer to the International Self-Sourcing Tips Sheet