Disaster Management Internship, Samoa

Background: The Disaster Management Ofice is a division within the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment that is responsible for ensuring the ongoing coordination, development and implementation of Disaster Risk Management programmes and activities in Samoa.

They believe that information sharing helps reduce the harmful effects of any natural disaster to our people and environment. Their website provides another means of disseminating information about their role through Disaster Risk Management. 

There is an opportunity for 2 students to intern at their offices. Interns will work together on both projects.

Project 1: Agency Response Manuals

Brief description

 Interns will assist in compiling DMO’s Emergency Response Manual. The Manual includes response plans for numerous government and non-government agencies.  Interns will be required to liaise with government (eg Samoan Water Authority; Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, etc).

Project Output

Interns will consult with the DM Officer and submit a project report to the A/CEO DMO on the status of response plans and any further recommendations.

Role of Student

Administration in preparing Agency-specific Response Manual/s. Liaison with agencies, as required. Electronic and hard copy filing of manual/s. It is ideally envisaged that 2 interns can work together and divide their work into response Agencies.

Project 2: Testing Response Agency Plans

Brief description

Interns are also expected to assist in the testing of these agency plans, in consultation with Disaster Management Officer. Interns will also document a project report to the DMO’s A/CEO on status of response plans and testing results.

e.g. project report, literature review, discussion paper, information pamphlet

Interns will consult with the DM Officer and submit to the DMO’s A/CEO a short summary report, detailing evaluation of testing of Agency Response Plans, including recommendations.

Role of Student

Assist preparation for testing Agency Response Plans, prepare evaluation criteria (in consultation with DM Officer) and develop report for submission to DMO.

Site Report and Costs:

See here a site report prepared by a Monash Phd student who worked at DMO.

Sample Budget

Scholarships & Funding
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How to Apply

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for APG5044 Professional Internship.

*Applications must be submitted 3-6 months prior to intended start date*