Co.As.It. Museo Italiano (MI) and Italian Historical Society (IHS) Internships

The Co.As.It. Museo Italiano (MI) and Italian Historical Society (IHS) are keen to collaborate with suitably qualified enthusiastic, resourceful and flexible students who understand the challenges and rewards involved in working in a community organisation in the areas of culture, heritage and education. Excellent people skills, cultural sensitivity, reliability and high ethical standards are musts; knowledge of Italian is not. All collaborations are negotiated in a flexible manner on the basis of the applicant’s interests and skills. Collaborations typically involve some of the tasks listed under each project heading in the list below. They are also open to examining suggested projects not included in the list.  The projects are ongoing.


This project is no longer available.


Project 2. Collaborating on temporary exhibition projects and public programs. The MI shows a wide variety of temporary exhibitions (artistic, historical, community, etc.) broadly linked to the history and culture of Italian Australians. Exhibitions may be organised by the MI, often in collaboration with the IHS, or by artists, universities, and other organisations normally in collaboration with Co.As.It. Exhibitions at MI may be viewed at Areas of collaboration may include: a. concept development and curatorship, including writing text for panels and catalogues; b. research assistance; c. liasing with donors, lenders and other contributors; d. design for panels, brochures, leaflets etc.; e. event management for the launch; f. assistance with installing and destalling; g. design and marketing. Collaborating on public programs MI organises and hosts a variety of lectures, presentations, film nights, workshops on topics connected with the history and culture of Italian Australians. Areas of collaboration may include: a. research assistance; b. planning and organisation of the whole event calendar and/or of single events; c. production of brochures, press releases etc.; d. marketing; e. event management (catering, technology etc.); f. liasing with presenters.


Project 3:  Italian Historical Society Journal (IHSJ) The IHSJ contains a mix of scholarly and community contributions, mostly in English, on the history and culture of Italian Australians and on the relevant contexts. Past issues of the IHSJ may be viewed on the IHS page at Areas of collaboration may include: a. Researching and writing pieces for the Journal; b. proofreading in English and Italian; c. linguistic and stylistic revisions (occasionally intensive, when dealing with texts written in very incorrect English); d. occasional translations from Italian; e. some collaboration on assessment of proposed articles, including basic research on topics covered; f. selection of images from Italian Historical Society collections; g. liaising with authors; h. organising footnotes and bibliographies; i. writing up the Publications received section; j. designing and preparing the issue for the printer.

Project 4: Research and Collection management. The IHS as well as a specialised library comprising some 2,000 publications, holds historically significant collections which include c8,000 photographs, c300 oral histories, c90 boxes of documents, correspondence, ephemera and realia, plus several archives. Collection databases and catalogues can be viewed at The catalogues of the various collections are very diverse both as to the technology they utilise and as to the detail of information they contain. The IHS is in the process of developing an integrated database which will enable searches across all collections by a single engine. Areas of collaboration may include: a. assistance with developing the integrated database: both conceptual and IT issues; b. general collection management for either processing or reviewing collections and items (photographs, documents, newspaper clippings, ephemera, realia etc.) to be identified in collaboration with the student. Tasks include i. conservation; ii. cataloguing; iii. data entry; iv. basic research; v. laising with donors; vi. documentation review. c. assistance with the management of the library. Collection databases and catalogues can be viewed at, where you can also see view the Santospirito collection, which was the object of the PhD thesis of Kate Elkner. Several of these collections could provide primary material for theses or research projects on organisations, individuals and special themes (historical, sociological, cultural, artistic) relevant to the history and culture of Italian Australians and to other related themes. The IHS is keen to facilitate access and research in its collections and to provide advice and assistance for researchers engaged in substantive projects focusing on Italian Australian history and culture.


1. The students should meet the eligibility criteria to enrol in ATS3129 Arts Internship (completed 96 CP and have a distinction average).

2. Check with Arts Student services if you have room in your degree for this 12 CP unit.

3. Undergraduate students from the following Areas of Study are eligible:

How to Apply

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for ATS3129 Arts Internship.

 Applications closing date: 30 June, 2017