Group Internship Program – Hong Kong/Singapore

Background: Austern International runs 3 week Millennial Leadership programs which connects ambitious students with companies. They see themselves as The Voice of recruitment. Their vision and passion is that just as a singer’s ability cannot be judged by their appearance, a student’s talent cannot be judged just by their resume. Rather than using resumes, they have partnered with some of the world’s most innovative companies to do company challenges where companies give students a real problem they’re facing on a domestic or international scale and in teams, students have to come up with innovative solutions. Austern International has partnered with companies like Philips, Sephora, Uber, Dropbox and many others. They are also training students to become job relevant and skills ready where their partner companies can see how students perform on a tangible level and funnel high-performing students for internships as well as job opportunities. More details here…

Group Projects:

On this 3 week program, students will be doing 2 company challenges, a series of skills workshops, tours as well as cultural activities and team bonding exercises. 

This project is team-based and students will be working in teams of 4 – 8 with 2 host organisations on allocated projects during the 3 weeks. There will also be students from around Australia and the world namely US, Canada, UK in the program.

Group Size per Company Challenge: 4 – 6

Group Composition: Each group will have students from across different universities in Australia as well as university students from overseas in different faculties. This format gives students an opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary teams and work with different insights during the challenges.

Nature of Work: The work given by the host organisation will be project based over a one week period where students will be required to do on the ground market research, design thinking for the solution and presenting their solutions back to the host company.

When & Where:

December 5-24

January 2-21


Hong Kong:

January 2-21

This program will give students in-depth and balanced insight into working in the Asia Pacific, as well as developing their professional skills and connections.

More details here…


$2,970 (inclusive of program + accommodation)

Does not include:

– airfares

– day to day expenses (such as food etc)

– visa (if needed)

Eligibility for Credit


1. You should meet the eligibility criteria to enrol in:

2. You should be studying in the following Areas of Study:

  • Most majors

3. You should have checked with Arts Students Services to confirm that you have room in your degree for this unit.


All students would be eligible for $500 Monash Abroad Travel bursary plus travel insurance.

Domestic students may be eligible for interest free government loan (like HECS) of upto $7,500 through OS-HELP.

Application Process

Go to the Application form and submit your details and documentation. Applications are due by Sunday, 25th September 2016

Shortlisted candidates shall be invited for an interview.