Atma Internship – Mumbai, India

Organisation Name: Atma
Position: Atma Volunteer 
Location: Mumbai, India
No. of places available: Numerous

About the Organisation
Atma provides intensive support to education non-profits and social enterprises, helping them solve their daily operational challenges and plan for their future growth. Faced by a lack of resources and expertise, high-potential education organisations are often unable to maximise their impact.

The Atma Accelerator program provides organisations with hands-on guidance and expertise in management and programme delivery. Atma’s support enables them to become sustainable and impactful organisations delivering high quality programmes on ground.

About the Internship
Starting Date: Flexible
Duration: 3 months

Role Description:
Atma finds and recruits highly-skilled, highly-talented or highly enthusiastic individuals from across the globe, and enables them in gaining first-hand experience and knowledge in the Indian Development Sector.

The Intern Programme is a structured, professional experience for all the participants. The work that you would do ranges from creating and implementing business plans to constructing impact assessment tools and initiating marketing and fundraising strategies to increase the capability and scalability of Atma’s Partner Organisations.

By interning with Atma you will be able to work with innovative education non-profits and social enterprises. Your support will enable them to become impactful organisations delivering high quality education programs on the ground.

The Programme delivers, and evaluates, the interns on a set of competencies that we value highly at Atma. These competencies are evaluated based on a round-the-clock 360 evaluation. The volunteer is given regular updates on the assessment so as to ensure that he/she actively understands and works on the areas which might be lagging.

Although it is called the Volunteer Programme the work that you would do is definitely more veered towards internship standards.

Position Descriptions:

Cost: See sample budget here

Scholarships & Funding
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How to Apply

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to apply for ATS3130 Arts International Internship. For further queries please email the International WIL Team via

*Applications must be submitted 3-6 months prior to intended start date*