Get the global advantage: 6 week internships available during the winter semester break

Encounter a whole new culture, meet new people and open your mind to the world. Bring culture and language alive in classrooms around the globe. Apply and confirm for one of the available internships by 19th May 2014 to receive up to $300 worth of travel subsidies!

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Where can you go?

For the upcoming winter semester break, AIESEC Monash is offering 6-week paid international internships in China, Indonesia and Russia.

Discover China
Teach English in a summer camp, help organise and design activities, be an ambassador of Australian culture and create an international atmosphere through school events. You will gain first hand teaching experience and immerse yourself in Chinese youth culture.

Project English City (Russia)
Participate in the preparation of theatrical performances in English. Create educational programs and activities and teach English Language Courses. Experience working with children and teenagers (7 to 17 year olds) and learn from fellow teachers.

Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom (Indonesia)
Choose from a range of school locations in Bandung, Indonesia. Introduce Australian culture and teach English, giving soft skills training for students, and arranging curriculum in conjunction with the teacher.

Who can apply and by when?

  • Interns will be teaching English, so native English speaking students are required.
  • Apply and confirm by 19th May 2014 to receive up to $300 worth of travel subsidies.

What are you waiting for?

Conditions for Credit

Students can gain an additional 12 credit points by applying for the ATS3130 Arts International Internship. Eligibility criteria is completion on 96 credit points and distinction average. The project should be related to your major.

These internships can also be taken for 6 credit points by enrolling in ATS3948 – LLCL internship (undergraduate) or  APG4059/APG5059 LLCL internship (postgraduate). The difference will be in the assessment requirements.

Students undertaking these internships for credit may also be eligible for Monash Abroad funding.

For further queries about credit contact Mr Robin Chacko

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