Sustainability Internship – partnership between Monash City Council and Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub

Apply to be part of an exciting collaboration between the Climate Change Communication Communication Research Hub and the City of Monash. 
Positions available: 3
Eligible Disciplines: Communications and Media
Intake: Semester 2, 11 August to October 23
Main contacts: David Holmes, Director, Climate Change Communication Research Hub, Monash University and Dr Trish McGee, City of Monash
Location:  2 students – Mainly based at City of Monash with some time at Monash Caulfield Campus.” 3rd student -Based primarily at Monash Caulfield Campus with a few visits to City of Monash

Project One: Visualizing the Power of Renewables and Microgrids for Consumers in the City of Monash
1) Research the efficacy of a range of messages
about Monash’s Renewable Energy Transformation project for City of Monash electricity consumers.
2) Research the most effective channels in which these messages can be deployed, within social media, and mainstream media, and through local newspapers.
3) Research the effectiveness of these messages in educating City of Monash audiences about the importance and viability of renewables, and looking at how to adapt these messages to other cities.

Project two:Engaging Monash Youth in Sustainability 
Monash has an estimated population of 187,286 residents. A high percentage are highly education young people 18-25 live and/or study and work in the City of Monash as it is also a key tertiary educational hub thanks to Monash University and Holmesglen TAFE. We have a range of community engagement activities at Monash which engage well with the older residents and families. However despite the young people being often most aware of sustainability and the threat of climate change but may not have the resources necessary to address it. How can we effectively engage with the Monash Youth to
adopt sustainable practices?

Project three: Engaging CALD communities in Sustainability
Monash is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Australia with 45% of residents born overseas, well above the Greater Melbourne average. We have seen a large increase in migrants to Monash since 2006 with almost 10,000 new migrants to our city. Our largest migrant population comes from Asia with 19% of residents born in China, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.How can we effectively engage with these different to groups to make Monash more sustainable?

Applications close August 4.

Please follow the step-by-step guide   on how to apply for ATS3129 Arts Internship.