Welcome to Arts Internships

Students enrolled in an Arts degree are able to gain academic credit and practical workplace experience through several work-integrated learning programs. Internships are an ideal way for the university to combine theoretical, classroom-based learning with experiential learning that prepares students for work in the real-world after the completion of their studies.

An internship is an experience in which a student learns by undertaking a responsible role as a worker in an organisation and by observing and reflecting on what happens while there. Internships are many things to many people. They can range from working with a member of State Parliament to working with teen-age runaways, to working in a hospital, behind the scenes at a television station or building a school in a developing nation. The possibilities are endless.

Internship Units in the Faculty of Arts allow undergraduate and post graduate students to obtain practical experience in their field prior to graduation, while also gaining academic credits towards their degree. The Faculty also supports students that wish to undertake internships as a ‘not for credit’ component of their degree.