What is International Studies?


International Studies examines the origins, processes and contestations of globalisation in the contemporary world. Ordinary people’s experiences and responses to global integration are at the centre of our inquiry. We examine how local communities around the world embrace but also challenge aspects of globalisation, in three interlocking spheres of the human condition, and three geographical areas, which we organise into ‘streams’. The units in each stream have been brought together from programs all over the Arts Faculty and other Faculties at Monash.

  • America studies
  • Asian studies
  • European studies
  • Commerce, commodities and consumption
  • Conflict and justice
  • Cultures and identities

While there are individual units throughout the Arts Faculty that enable students to study aspects of globalisation, International Studies is the only program to collate these units and provide a thematically coherent, interdisciplinary platform for students to study globalisation in depth.

All of our units are inherently global and comparative in the case studies they select, so that students are trained to think critically across cultural and geographical boundaries. Students are taught interpretive methods and theories by leading economists, historians, anthropologists, philosophers, bioethicists, sociologists and political scientists, among other specialists, giving them a unique blend of analytical skills that study in one discipline alone cannot offer.