Student Research

Students who take International Studies will learn to become independent researchers who can embark on cutting edge research. Learn more about research being conducted by current International Studies students. Our students present their research and ideas in international conferences, publish it in journals and use it to go on to further study at some of the world’s best universities.

Profiles of current Honours projects

Natasha Clark

My Honours thesis examines the impacts of welfare reform on Japanese women after the Second World War. It particularly focuses on the removal of the widows’ pension when the Occupation authorities ordered a cessation of all military spending. I explore the impact on and response of women at the grassroots level, particularly, how women organised themselves to resist and protest welfare cuts.

Lewis Hiller

My Honours thesis concerns Western European fundamentalist Protestant Christian denominations and their perceptions of European integration initiatives. I particularly focus on the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, a small fundamentalist church that has interpreted the European Union as representing a harbinger of the apocalypse. Specifically, the EU is reckoned by the church to accord with certain ancient prophecies outlined in the biblical Book of Daniel and Revelation. These concern the predicted emergence of an empire monopolising trade and implementing a common currency on the populace prior to the ‘end of days’. To this end, my research has entailed a review of historic Protestant theology and apocalyptic narratives to provide context, a discussion of various contemporary Protestant approaches to modernity and biblical prophecies, and an analysis of media sources pertaining to the Free Presbyterian Church’s views on the EU in the wake of Brexit.