International Studies Honours

Honours Coordinator

Dr Kate Murphy

Areas of Research & Units

As staff member’s interest range widely, the International Studies Honours Program offers supervision in a number of Research areas and students who wish to work on a topic should contact the the Discipline Coordinator (above) or the Director of International Studies, Associate Professor Seamus O’Hanlon.

International Studies Program – Honours Units

Dissertation (thesis)
Core Units – Students Must Complete the following core unit
  • ATS4810 Global Justice: Civil and Human Rights after 1945 (previously INT4010)
    12 pts, Semester 1
    This unit explores civil and human rights campaigns since 1945. It examines their origins and outcomes, and the ways in which they drew from and contributed to an emerging international framework. Further case studies include women’s rights and sexual liberation, freedom of speech, capital punishment, economic justice and unfair trade. The unit examines the development of global movements and organisations, new technologies and tactics of protest and the formation of virtual communities of activism. It also covers the relationship between universal notions of justice and differences of gender, culture and belief, and potential differences between local and global understandings of ‘rights’.
Suggested Elective Units  Students must choose a further 12 points of study at fourth-year level from the faculty’s offerings and have this choice approved by the Honours coordinator for International Studies. Suggested units are listed below but now all are offered each semester. Students are required to research the appropriate offerings and make a decision appropriately.

Prato Winter Semester Units on offer 2012

  • APG4287 War and peace: Models of conflict resolution
  • APG4286 Final journey: remembering the holocaust

Semester One Units

  • ATS4324 Advanced seminar in international political economy
  • APG4657 Beyond conflict: democracy, electoral management and civil society
  • APG4772 Community development in a globalising world
  • APG4382 Contemporary issues in Asia
  • APG4435 European Union: History, Debates, Politics
  • ATS4293 Genocidal thought
  • APG4331 Islam in Turkey and Indonesia
  • APG4329 Political Islam
  • APG4429 Prosperity, poverty and sustainability in a globalised world
  • APG4627 Research in political ecology
  • APG4283 Sharing prosperity
  • APG4334 Southeast Asian politics
  • APG4332 Strategic studies
  • APG4666 Terrorism, counter-terrorism and intelligence
  • ATS4843 Terrorism, fringe politics and extremist violence
  • ATS4898 The EU and the developing world
  • APG4655 Theories and principles of international crisis management
  • ATS4258 Theorising culture
  • APG4327 Wars of recognition: Terrorism and political violence

Semester Two units

  • APG4436 Comparative regionalism
  • APG4337 Conflict resolution and Islam in the Middle East
  • APG4427 Frontiers in sustainability and environment
  • ATS4290 Holocaust memories: Landscape, mourning, identity
  • APG4335 Interfaith relations in the 21st century
  • APG4656 International crisis management in action
  • APG4385 Investigating other societies: Area studies in Global perspective
  • APG4336 Islam and modernity
  • ATS4843 Terrorism, fringe politics and extremist violence
  • APG4327 Wars of recognition: Terrorism and political violence

The Honours Program involves intensive advanced study combining coursework with a research project, or dissertation, in which the student engages in independent research on an approved topic under the supervision of a member of academic staff.

For many students honours provides a stimulating and satisfying completion to their undergraduate work and for others it also offers a gateway to postgraduate research since the entry requirement for research degrees usually involves honours study to a specific level.

A regular general Seminar involves all students undertaking honours and provides a forum to support students as they progress through their dissertation work. This seminar is run by the School Honours Coordinator, whose specific responsibility is to guide honours students through the year from their initial application to the submission of their dissertation.

Combined Honours

This Program offers the opportunity for students to undertake 4th year honours courses which can combine study with other disciplines in our School and Faculty with permission & advice from the Honours Coordinator.


Prizes are offered for the best thesis in International Studies and for the best overall grade in International Studies for the Honours year. Each prize is worth $500.