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The broad-ranging units and perspectives offered in an International Studies major at Monash will equip you with necessary skills to be a citizen of the modern world, including an understanding of who we are and how we got here, a high level of written and oral communication of complex ideas, analytical and problem-solving abilities, and the ability to empathise and actively engage with alternative cultural contexts. These skills are applicable to a broad range of future careers including government employment, NGOs, journalism, law, and politics.

We are proud to introduce you to some of our graduates

Meet: Abbie Yunita

Bachelor of Arts (Honours First Class), 2013

Why International Studies, Abbie?  I chose International Studies as one of my majors because of its multi-scale and multi-disciplinary approach, encouraging students to investigate the interrelations between local and global phenomena across space and time.

How did International Studies help you develop your strengths and interests? Having spent my childhood and formative years in both rural and urban areas in Indonesia and Australia, I developed strong interests in development and environmental studies, which I explored in my coursework and later, my Honours thesis. My thesis examined the equity dimensions of two projects designed to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) in Indonesia. This established the groundwork for subsequent professional and academic pursuits.

What employment have you found with your International Studies major? I spent a year as a sessional tutor in International Studies and Human Geography at Monash, before starting an Internship at the UN Office for REDD+ Coordination in Indonesia. These were incredible experiences, where I practiced – and built on – what I learnt in my studies.

What are you doing now? After my internship, I was thrilled to secure a fully-funded master’s position at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, which I’ve just completed.

Why would you recommend International Studies? International Studies prepared me well professionally, not only because of the academic rigour but I learnt a great deal from meeting people from different disciplines and parts of the world about the cultural sensitivity required in our everyday interactions. This has been invaluable, particularly in the field of international development.


Meet: Alannah Cusin 

Bachelor of Arts (Global) (Honours First Class), 2014

Why International Studies, Alannah? International Studies, for me, was an opportunity to examine issues from the bottom up and consider the lived experiences of global populations in class. As opposed to top down approaches that study policy in isolation of its real-world application, the approach I found in International Studies allowed me to gain a deeper, more empathetic understanding of the issues facing our contemporary world. I drew on my love of history, explored a curiosity for human geography and began to understand the role of policy and global institutions whilst never forgetting its real-world context and contemporary application.

How did International Studies help you develop your strengths and interests?Throughout my major, I was given the opportunity to not only study a global perspective but live it as well. I completed a semester exchange in Norway and a short-term study program in Rwanda and South Africa to see post-Apartheid and post-Genocide reconciliation and justice in progress. In each of these experiences, I developed my interdisciplinary research skills further, which allowed me to excel in my Honours year with a thesis that explored post-war reconciliation through a study of the politics of memory and visual culture in urban landscapes in Bosnia-Herzegovina. I was also fortunate enough to complete in-country research with a travel scholarship during my Honours year as well as participate in another short-term study program in Eastern Europe to study Holocaust memory.

What employment have you found with your International Studies major? Since graduating I’ve followed my passion for education with Monash University as a Teaching Associate where I’ve been teaching current International Studies students for the last 3 years! During this time, I’ve also had the opportunity to work as a Research Assistant at the Jewish Holocaust Museum and Science Works, a Support Team member at an EduTech start up as well as be part of the editing team for the Melbourne Historical Journal.

What are you doing next? I’ll soon be finishing my time at Monash University to be a part of the Teach for Australia program next year. I’ll be teaching high school students in disadvantaged communities in Perth, combining my love for teaching and the humanities!

Why would you recommend International Studies? International Studies challenged me in ways I don’t think I could have imagined of back in high school. The flexibility and breadth gave me countless opportunities to explore new interests that I developed over the course of my degree. I strongly believe that the experience, exposure and opportunity my International Studies major has given me has made me a stronger educator today.

Meet: Natasha Clark

Natasha is a current Honours student (see ‘Student Research’).

What are you doing next? I have recently been accepted into the Australian Department of Finance’s graduate program, starting in January 2018.