Pioneering ARC Linkage Project ‘Connecting young second language learners and older bilinguals’ sparks off language and community activities in Queensland!

Assoc/Professor Marisa Cordella, Chief investigator of the ARC Linkage Project, initiated exciting research projects that span all over Queensland. The activities connect young language students with community resources, link up classroom learning with real-life encounters and foster social inclusion of cultural groups and older migrants in Australian society.

The project ‘Connecting classroom 2 communities’ (CC2C*) effectuates students’ awareness of people from different cultural backgrounds they live side by side with, in the context of their own culture. Students from Year 6 to Year 12 were introduced to a series of cultural events within their own community and were encouraged to reflect upon their experience in different ways. Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Indonesian and Spanish learners from eight Independent Schools* located from Toowoomba to Townsville in Queensland were involved in this project, which took place in 2013.

The research project “Language and cultural learning: an intergenerational approach” (LCLIA*) is based on the successful encounters between young language learners and older migrants in Melbourne (ARC Linkage Project: Connecting young second language learners and older bilinguals). At Moreton Bay Boys’ College in Brisbane Year 10 students met with older Spanish migrants on a weekly basis during several weeks in 2013). The research involved investigating students’ language development, students’ attitude towards ageing and migrants’ experience, extending and continuing on results and outcomes of the ARC Linkage Project.

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*LCLIA and CC2C were funded by Independent Schools Queensland