Which level of Indonesian Studies should I enrol in?

Students taking Indonesian Studies have the option of starting at one of three entry points.

Answer the following question and you will be led to information regarding your entry point into Indonesian Studies. 

Have you studied Indonesian before?

No, or only very briefly.

I have completed VCE in Indonesian or can demonstrate an equivalent level of competence.

I am from a Malay or an Indonesian-speaking background; or

I am a student who has completed VCE in Indonesian, or its equivalent AND have additional in-country or academic experience

Note that this information is provided as a guide only.

I don’t fit neatly into any of the categories above and/or wish to start studying in a language at a higher level than indicated above.

Students who wish to accelerate through the proficiency levels either by taking language study abroad units or because their language acquisition results allow this, must consult with the program convener, Paul Thomas (Paul.Thomas@monash.edu), before enrolling.