Advanced Studies

Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populated country and has the larget Muslim population of any nation-state. As our nearest Asian neighbour Indonesia has important political, economic and cultural meaning for Australia. Postgraduate study on Indonesia is a crucial component of the relationship between Australia and Indonesia in particular to ensure that there are people in both countries who have the ability and skills to critically engage with each other based on a deep understanding of the language, cuture and society of the other country.

Indonesian Studies at Monash focuses on socio-cultural, literary and linguistic issues, although within the Faculty of Arts there are also those who focus on the history, politics, economy and the music of Indonesia. Monash University is an excellent institution to undertake postgraduate study on Indonesia as in addition to the Indonesia Program there is also the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies and the Monash Asia Institute. Moreover the Matheson Library has one of the best Indonesian Studies collections in the world available for research purposes.