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IJIS Issue 1. 2013

International Journal of Indonesian Studies

Issue 1. November 2013

Editorial: The International Journal of indonesian Studies [IJIS] is proud to present its inaugural issue. There are of course many people to thank. We thank firstly our contributors without whom this project could not have commenced. With similar gratitude, the Editors also acknowledge the generous and heartfelt support from our Editorial Board. It has been your patience, advice and willingness to act as mentors, and in many cases reviewers, that has made this first step possible. [more]

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Author(s) Title
Gin Gin Gustine Designing and implementing a critical literacy-based approach in an Indonesian EFL secondary school
Eko NM Saputro Indonesia’s Response towards East Asian Financial Regionalism
Monica Ella Harendita Why Resist? A Closer Look at Indonesian Teachers’ Resistance to ICT
I Gede Wahyu Wicaksana Islam and Sukarno’s Foreign Policy, with Reference to Indonesia-Pakistan Relations 1960-1965
Ariane Utomo, Anna Reimondos, Iwu Utomo, Peter McDonald, & Terence H.Hull Digital Inequalities and Young Adults in Greater Jakarta: A Socio-Demographic Perspective
Elisabet Titik Murtisari Some Traditional Javanese Values in NSM: From God to Social Interaction
Rachmad Hidayat Authority Perspective: Javanese Men’s Talk on Domestic Violence
Nicholas Jackson & Rahmat Decoding Basa Walikan – A preliminary analysis of Yogyakarta ‘reverse’ language
Dewi Candraningrum “When I Sell Jamu”
Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

Renungan Agustus: A POEM by Yacinta Kurniasih

Agustus tiba menyapa

Ada keheningan mengusik yang

selalu datang bertandang ketika Juli usai

Kata langit di atas kepalaku

‘Apa artinya merdeka?

Apa artinya menjadi Indonesia?’ …….[more]