IJIS 4: 2017

International Journal of Indonesian Studies

ISSN 2203-4692

Volume 1, Issue 4.  2017.

“Portraiture of GUNRETNO” (Dewi Candraningrum: acrylic on 60x70cm canvas)

Gunretno lahir dalam tradisi Sedulur Sikep masyarakat adat Samin. Sebagai ketua JMPPK, Gunretno menarasikan pentingnya merawat ibu bhumi, yang kerap ia sebut sebagai ibu pertiwi. (continue reading –>)


Yacinta Kurniasih


The International Journal of Indonesian Studies proudly presents the fourth issue of new scholarship from emerging Indonesian intellectuals and researchers and their global collaborators. In response to a number of challenges posed by the Open Access Movement, IJIS 4 has responded with an innovative strategy to ensure timely publication of important research articles, as well as essays, pertaining to a range of significant topics in contemporary Indonesian Studies. (continue reading –>)

Special Acknowledgements:

Stuart Robson
Matthew Piscioneri
Dewi Candraningrum
George Quinn
Julian Millie
Nicholas Metherall
Harry Aveling
Aris Huang

IJIS 4_2017

  1. Investment and Imagined Identities of Biliterate Indonesian Lecturers: An Exploratory Case Study Amirullah Abduh & Martin Andrew pp.1-13
  2. The Socio-Legal Construction of Ahmadiyah as a Religious Minority by Local and National Government Policy: Restrictions before the Law, a Challenge for Religious Freedom in NTB, Indonesia Catherine Koerner & Widodo Dwi Putro pp.14-30
  3. Changes in Muslim Divorce Mediation in Indonesia: A Case Study of the Yogyakarta Religious Court Rita Pranawati pp.31-52
  4. The Moon Dies in Northern Bekasi: Development, Impoverishment and the Irony of the Paddy Granary Khaerul Umam Noer pp.53-65
  5. Javanese Traditional Healing as Practiced by the Wong Pinter in Temanggung Central Java Sartini, Supartiningsih and Luwiyanto pp.66-89
  6. Forest in the Imagination of Meto People: Study of Relations between Women and the Forest Ebenhaizer I. Nuban Timo & Irene Ludji pp.90-107
  7. Review:  Almost Noir: Eka Kurniawan’s Vengeance is mine, all others pay cash Eric Wilson pp.108-121     
  8. Protecting Environment and Securing Power: Female Leaders’ Political Initiative in the Age of Climate Change in Indonesia and Japan Kurniawati Hastuti Dewi  pp.122-160
  9. Poetics in Indonesian-Malay Theatre: Mendu in Indonesia’s Northern Riau Islands  with Special Reference to Ladun and Nasib Song Lyrics Karen Kartomi Thomas  pp.161-180
  10. Gender Role Ideology and Practices of the Community in As’adiyah Islamic Primary     Schools Wajo, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Siti Azisah pp.181-192
  11. It’s [not] just the English: Issues in the pre-departure academic orientation of                  international Masters and research students Matthew Piscioneri, Citra Amelia &               Wulan Fauzanna pp.193-212


An Indonesian Translation of “An Australian Conference of the Birds” pp.213-227

                                         Edited and Introduced by Professor Harry Aveling. 

Alfi Kurnianingsih
Eviliana Polsri
Bintang Alvita Wahyuningtyas
Fasrudin Arief Budiman
Fathi Mustaqim
Filmon Leonard Warouw
Irene Debby Carolina Rindorindo
Lukman Tanjung
Marike Ivone Onsu
Mia Medyana Bonaedy
Penni Patmawati Rusman
Rany Anjany Subachrum