IJIS Autumn 2015

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The IJIS AUTUMN 2015 issue  presents a variety of subjects in the field of contemporary Indonesian Studies: political history, linguistics, Islam and democracy, gay issues, the environment, education, intellectual property securitization, consumerism and literary and translation studies. We are particularly proud to present the study of the ‘gay Indonesian migrant’, as we feel it is an important, rare and encouraging contribution to a marginalized discourse in contemporary Indonesian studies. And, congratulations to all contributors for whom English may well be their second, third and sometimes even fourth language. We are again very appreciative of the artistic contribution made by Dewi Candraningrum:

When I painted Joko Widodo

Joko Widodo

Contents: International Journal of Indonesian Studies Autumn 2015

 From the Editor Yacinta Kurniasih IJIS2 Contents_Editorial


Indonesia’s Foreign Politics 1955-1965: Between decolonisation and beacon politics Haryo Kunto Wibisono,S.AP,M.AP Indonesia’s foreign politics 1955-1965

Homosexuality in Indonesia: Banality, Prohibition, and Migration Wisnu Adihartono Homosexuality in Indonesia

The Fiqh Paradigm and the Religious Justification for the Secular State: The Traditionalist Muslims and the Dutch Colonial Rulers Saefur Rochmat The Fiqh paradigm and the religious justification

Politeness: Front Counter Staff in “XMini Market Mitha Dwi Djayanti & Ribut Wahyudi Politeness strategies

Indonesian and Translation: National Identity in the Global Border Contests Elisabet Titik Murtisari Indonesian and translation

Instructional Leadership Practices of the Excellent School Principals in Aceh, Indonesia: Managing the Instructional Program Syarwan Ahmad & Maznah Hussain Instructional leadership practices

Diffusing Consumerism in Indonesia: A study on the Yogyakarta Consumer Institute (YCI) Abdul Rohman Diffusing consumerism in Indonesia

Promoting Intellectual Property Securitization for Financing Creative Industry in Indonesia: Challenges and Solutions Mas Rahmah, S.H., M.H., LL.M Promoting intellectual property securitization

Pesantren Literature as a Form of Ideological Discourse Countering Communism: The Representation of Communist Figures in Ahmad Tohari’s Kubah Muhammad Taufiqurrohman Pesantren Literature as a form of ideological discourse countering Communism

The Role of Community Solid Waste Management in Achieving a Sustainable Final Disposal Site, Yogyakarta Widodo Brontowiyono The Role of Community Solid Waste Management


UIN Jakarta: Islam and the West, Democracy and Education Usep Abdul Matin UIN ESSAY