Theories of Punishment and Imprisonment: Recent Publications


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Goldsmith, A., Halsey, M. & Groves, A. (2015, forthcoming) Tackling Correctional Corruption: Best Practice in Detection and Prevention, London: Palgrave.

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Bosworth, M, Hasselberg, I and Turnbull, S (2016) ‘Imprisonment in a Global World: Rethinking Penal Power‘ in Jewkes, Y, Crewe, B. and Bennett, J. (Eds), Handbook of Prisons,  Oxford: Routledge, pp. 698-711.

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Homel, Kinner & Wallis (2016). Submission to an Enquiry by the National Children’s Commissioner on the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT) in the Context of Youth Justice Detention Centres. Brisbane: Griffith University

Book Reviews

Tubex, H. (2015) Review of Penal Culture and Hyperincarceration: The revival of the Prison, by Chris Cunneen, Eileen Baldry, David Brown, Mark Brown, Melanie Schwartz and Alex Steel, Punishment and Society


Tubex, H. (2015). ‘State of imprisonment: Lopsided incarceration rates blight West.’ The Conversation, (April 16, 2015).