This area focuses on empirical research on pre-imprisonment. This includes policy analysis and research on issues related to alternative Corrections pathways and diversion, such as fines, suspended sentences, and restorative justice. This area of research also includes data and analysis on the experience of the criminal justice system and the examination of populations with a higher likelihood of imprisonment, such as women, those with intellectual and neuro-disabilities, Indigenous peoples, young people, migrant populations and children of prisoners. In essence, research in this area interrogates possible avenues for a reduction of the number of people who are sentenced to imprisonment.

Current & recent projects

2014-2017 ARC Linkage Grant, Positive life pathways for vulnerable adolescents: The role of a life management program approach

2014 – 2017 Office of the Public Advocate grant, Enhancing the rights and well-being of people with acquired brain injuries in the criminal justice system

2011-2014  ARC Linkage Grant,  The impact of incarceration on children’s care: A strategic framework for good care planning

2010-2012  Legal Services Board (2010-MG024),  An examination of the impact of unpaid fines on disadvantaged groups and the criminal justice system – towards a best practice model

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Recent publications

Brown, M., Lansdell, G., Saunders, B., and Eriksson, A. (2013) ‘‘I’m sorry but you are just not that special…’ Reflecting on the ‘Special Circumstances’ provisions of the Infringement Act 2006 (Vic)’, Current Issues in Criminal Justice 24(3): 375-393.

Eriksson, A. and Flynn, C. ( 2015) Introduction, Law in Context [P], vol 32, Federation Press, NSW Australia, pp. 1-3.

Halsey, M. & Deegan, S. (2015) Young Offenders: Crime, Prison, and Struggles for Desistance, London: Palgrave.

Lansdell, G., Saunders, B., Eriksson, A., and Brown, M. (2013) ‘Exposing the injustice of imprisonment for fine default: The Taha case and achieving social justice’, The Alternative Law Journal 38(3): 160-164.

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