This area of research comprises research, policy and data on post-imprisonment processes, including but not limited to the examination of processes related to parole, probation, community supervision, and electronic monitoring. Importantly however, this area of research also extends to the effects of imprisonment which can be long lasting and profound, raising important questions about housing, employment, relationships and physical and mental well-being. Studies of post-imprisonment trajectories, including theory and analysis of recidivism or desistance for different groups and in different jurisdictions are also part of this research area.

Current & recent projects

2010-2016, National Health and Medical Research Council grant, Social and Cultural Resilience of Aboriginal Mothers in prison.

2015-2016, Criminology Research Advisory Council (CRAC), Building an effective community-based throughcare approach for Aboriginal offenders in Australia

2015-2017, ARC Linkage Grant, A future beyond the wall: Improving post-release employment outcomes for people leaving prison

2015 – 2017, SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, Prisons Transparency Project.

Recent publications

Carlton, B.A. and Segrave, M.T. (2014) ‘They died of a broken heart’: connecting women’s experiences of trauma and criminalisation to survival and death post-imprisonment’ The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice [P], 53(3): 270-289.

Halsey, M. and Deegan, S. (2014) ‘“Picking Up the Pieces”: Female Significant Others in the Lives of Young (Ex)Incarcerated Males’ Criminology & Criminal Justice, Online first.

Hasselberg, I. (2016) Enduring Uncertainty. Deportation, Punishment and the Everyday Life. Oxford and New York: Berghahn books.

Hasselberg, I. (2016). ‘Reshaping possible futures: Deportation, home and the United Kingdom‘, Anthropology Today, 32(1): 19-21. 

Hasselberg, I (2014) ‘Balancing Legitimacy, Exceptionality and Accountability: On Foreign-national Offenders’ Reluctance to Engage in Anti-deportation Campaigns in the UK’Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 41(4): 563-571.

Hasselberg, I. (2014) ‘Whose security? The deportation of foreign-national offenders from the UK’, In Maguire, M., Zurawski, N. and Frois, C. (eds.) The Anthropology of Security: Perspectives from the Frontline of Policing, Counter-Terrorism and Border Control. London: Pluto Press, pp. 139-157.

Ludlow, A. (2014) ‘’Transforming Rehabilitation’: What Lessons Might Be Learned From Prison Privatisation?’, European Journal of Probation, 6(1): 67-81.

Spivakovsky, C. (2014) ‘Making Dangerousness Intelligible in Intellectual Disability’, Griffith Law Review: Law, Theory, Society, 23(3).
Turnbull, S. 2016. Parole in Canada: Gender and Diversity in the Federal System. Vancouver: UBC Press (forthcoming on May 1, 2016).

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