This research area brings together research on current imprisonment practices. Here you can find research, publications, and reports relating to all areas of confinement, including remand, detention, and prisons, with key issues ranging from imprisonment trend data, to imprisonment policy, to the use of solitary confinement to education in prison and pre-release preparation. It includes analysis of the experiences of those inside these total institutions, including both staff and prisoners.

Contemporary examinations of imprisonment include institutions and practices not defined as imprisonment, such as detention and remand, as they are not ‘officially’ forms of punishment, but which involve state sanctioned detaining of individuals (citizens or non-citizens).

Current & recent projects

2002-2022, The Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service, Preventive Detention.

2012-2022, The Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service, The prison officer profession: Recruitment, education and work experience.

2006-2019, Ministry of Justice/The Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service, Measuring the quality of prison life in Norway.

2014-ongoing, PriArcH – Prison Architecture and Humans.

2015-2016 Industry Partnership Grant, Prison Privatisation in Australia: The State of the Nation

2013-2016, ARC Discovery Project Grant, A Comparative Analysis of Youth Punishment in Australia and the UK

2016-2018 – Marsden Fund grant award, Intolerable Risks.  The search for security in an age of anxiety

2012-2017 – European Research Council Subjectivity, Identity and Penal Power: Incarceration in a Global Age

2012- 2017 Immigration Removal Centres: Quality of Life and Procedural Justice

2013-2016, European Research Council, ‘The Postcolonial Prison: Citizenship, Punishment and Mobility’

2012-2016 ARC Future Fellowship, Generations through prison: A critical exploration of the causes, experiences and consequences of intergenerational incarceration

2011-2015, European Research Council, The Crime Control at the Borderlands of Europe project.

2014-2015 – commissioned by the Harris Review,  An Independent Review of self-inflicted deaths in (National Officer Management Services’ (NOMS’) custody

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Recent publications

Abbott, L (2015) ‘A Pregnant Pause: Expecting in the Prison Estate’ in Baldwin, L (ed.), Mothering Justice: Working with Mothers in Criminal and Social Justice, Waterside Press.

Andrew, J (2015) ‘Submission to the Inquiry into the Efficiency and Performance of Western Australian Prisons‘, Prepared for the Economic Regulation Authority

Andrew J, Baker, M and Roberts, P (2015) ‘The Cost of Commissioning: Research Report on the Proposed Reforms to Western Australian Prisons Sector‘, Prepared for the Western Australian Prisons Sector Union & CPSU

Andrew J, Baker, M and Roberts, P (2016) ‘Prison Privatisation in Australia: The State of the Nation – Accountability, Costs, Performance and Efficiency‘, The University of Sydney Business School

Bosworth, M (2016) ‘Immigration Detention, Ambivalence and the Colonial Other ‘ in Eriksson, A (ed), Punishing the Other, Routledge, pp. 145-164

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Bosworth, M. and Kellezi, B. (2015) ‘Quality of Life in Detention: Results from MQLD questionnaire data collected in IRC Campsfield House, IRC Yarl’s Wood, IRC Colnbrook, and IRC Dover, September 2013 – August 2014′, Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford, January 2015.

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