Welcome to the Imprisonment Observatory.

The Imprisonment Observatory (ImO) is a virtual collaborative centre that is designed as a platform to recognize, engage in and provide high quality research interrogating the use and practices of imprisonment and detention-related punishments on a global scale in its many contemporary and historical forms. ImO promotes research publications, projects and academic networks. It is organized around six prison based research areas:

  1. Pre-imprisonment
  2. Imprisonment
  3. Post-imprisonment
  4. Theories of punishment and imprisonment
  5. Histories of punishment and imprisonment
  6. Comparative Penology

Based at Monash University, the ImO brings together experts from criminology, penology, history, law, social work and sociology, encouraging an inter-disciplinary approach to critical and relevant prison research. The ImO seeks to transform knowledge and develop new ways of thinking, bringing important insights into policy debates associated with practices of, and alternatives to imprisonment.

Dr Anna Eriksson, Founder.

Dr Marie Segrave, Founder.

Ms Rebecca Bunn, Managing Director.


Internship opportunities

We are pleased to offer research internships to students interested in developing their research skills in the prison-related research areas associated with ImO.

ImO internships will be considered by application to Rebecca Bunn imprisonment.observatory@gmail.com 

Our internship program is targeted at Honours and postgraduate students, as well as final year graduate students considering postgraduate studies.

Duration of the ImO internship programs and research projects will  be discussed and negotiated upon successful application.

To apply please send Rebecca Bunn the following documents:

– Your CV

– Cover letter including your research interests and why you would like to complete an internship with ImO

– Academic record