Internship Opportunities

Internships: the Basics

The Monash Arts Faculty facilitates a wide range of internship programs, both locally and internationally, in which students acquire skills and knowledge through practical learning, and a number of which are supported by scholarships and financial subsidies. These internship opportunities provide students with invaluable experiences, bringing them into contact with industry professionals in many different areas, and also, in many cases, helping students make new friends and connections at Monash and beyond.

Planning and Application

Among the different majors in the Arts Faculty, Human Rights majors make up a significant fraction of the students completing an internship. Most of the organisations offering these internships nominate particular major streams as their preferred candidates, and Human Rights is one of the frequently nominated areas. In other words, if you’re majoring in Human Rights, and you want to do an internship, you’re well-placed, because the organisations running these internships are often looking for students like you.

Current internship opportunities are listed here. The process of applying is different for each one. The application deadlines occur at varying times during the year, and applicants have to supply different kinds of materials depending on which program they’re applying to. If you’re interested in doing an internship, you should start exploring, planning, and preparing sooner rather than later. Most students undertake internships during their third year, but some do so in their second year, and of course the timelines vary for students completing double degrees. The Arts Faculty has dedicated staff members with whom you can discuss the different internship programs on offer, and you can also talk things over with the convener of the Human Rights major.

Counting an Internship towards the Human Rights Major

Although it’s not compulsory to count an internship towards one’s major – a student can just do an internship as an elective unit if they like – in Human Rights we’re willing to allow internships to be counted towards the major in principle, provided that the student is undertaking one of the programs facilitated by the Arts Faculty, and provided that the focus area of the internship has a significant connection to the themes and issues that are examined within the Human Rights major. If you’re hoping to count your internship towards your Human Rights major, please consult with the Human Rights convener before finalising any plans, to ensure that the program you’re pursuing is one that’s suitable to be counted towards the major.