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Honours in Human Geography is a great opportunity for students who wish to pursue a full year research project to deepen their disciplinary studies and increase their career opportunities, or prepare for postgraduate studies. Interested students must have requisite third year undergraduate results, either at Monash University or elsewhere.

We support Honours students in both the BA and BSc programs, and provisions can be made for a joint Honours program. We strongly advise students to approach potential supervisors to discuss research thesis topics during the third year of study.

Here is a list of (i) recently completed honours thesis and (ii) current research topics open for exploration (note these are only suggestions, discuss these with your potential supervisor.


  • School-Community Partnerships in Victorian Schools: Partnering for Sustainability
  • How can the Victorian electricity generators be more sustainable?
  • A sustainability framework for the Australian beef industry.
  • Climate scientists perceptions of how scientific research influences climate change policy in Australia.
  • Investigation of the impact of the Rana Plaza Factory Collapse on the CSR strategies of Australian Companies.


Dr Megan Farrelly

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design: where are we at and where are we going?
  • 10,000 Raingardens: greening Melbourne or green wash?
  • Can experimentation deliver widespread practice change in urban environments?
  • The energy-water nexus: future pathways for urban infrastructure development?
  • Urban Transformation: what capacities are required to deliver sustainable, resilient cities?

Dr Ruth Lane [available from 2018 onwards]

  • Research related to recycling, reuse and waste flows.

A/Prof Wendy Stubbs

  • Circular economy business models
  • Hybrid business models (for-purpose, for-profit) such as B Corps
  • Emergence of integrated reporting: What is the role of sustainability reporting?

Dr Bruce Missingham


Dr Julian Yates

In general, I am happy to supervise topics that address issues of development or which are related to political ecology. These might include areas such as:

  • Politics and policy making on human-environment intersections (e.g. waste management, water governance, climate change adaptation, socio-ecological systems etc.)
  • Indigenous/aboriginal knowledge (e.g. traditional ecological knowledge) and their politics (e.g. sovereignty, decolonisation, Indigenous movements etc.)
  • International and community-based development (e.g. macro-political economy; community-based development case studies).


BA students doing Honours in human geography and environmental studies will be administered through the School of Social Sciences honours program.
Contact Dr Bree Carlton (bree.carlton@monash.edu)

BSc students doing Honours in physical geography and environmental science will be administered through the School of Earth, Atmosphere, and Environment honours program. Contact Dr Laurent Ailleres (Laurent.Ailleres@monash.edu)