Human Geography

Human Geography, within the School of Social Sciences in the Faculty of Arts draws on the long-standing background of this discipline at Monash, which has always been a vibrant centre of undergraduate and graduate teaching and research, attracting highly motivated students and academics.

Since its inception 50 years ago, it has produced some of Australia’s leading researchers and policy makers in climate and environmental change, land and water management, urban and regional economic development, and political ecology and international development. Our staff and students are engaged in teaching, research, analysis and actions that promote sustainable use and management of natural resources, landscapes and built environments across Australia and the world.

  • We welcome PhD student Goshu Tefera to the PMSI Postgraduate Network. From the discipline of Human Geography and under the supervision of Associate Professor Alan Gamlen, Goshu is researching ‘The temporalities of refugee integration in Australia’ focusing on the experiences of Ethiopian-Australians from a refugee background in regards to integration, time and associated temporalities.  He… Read more
  • The first in a new geography seminar series saw Gordon L. Clark, Professor and Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford University, discuss how large scale investors make decisions about whether (or how) to invest billions in large-scale infrastructure, and included detailed recommendations on how policy makers can set incentives for them to invest in more sustainable infrastructure. Read more
  • As a response to the #AfricanGangs social media movement established to counter negative perceptions of African immigrants in Australia, academics from the Monash Population Migration and Social Inclusion Focus Program (PMSI) recently hosted the forum ‘#AfricanGangs: Beyond politics and media headlines’. A platform for discussion and debate, the Monash #AfricanGangs Forum analysed the issues raised… Read more