Human Geography

    Human Geographers at Monash are engaged in empirically driven, social science explorations across different facets of geographical studies. Our researchers explore aspects of environmental, urban, and development geography – building a rich understanding of societal interactions within and over space, place and time. The interdisciplinary nature of Geography helps foster strong working relationships with engineers, climate scientists, economists and biological scientists, among others. Across Australia and within the Asian-Pacific region, our researchers have fostered strong connections with leading international Universities and organisations.

    Human Geographers currently lead projects within two key interdisciplinary flagship research programs: Wealth from Waste and the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. With environment and resource issues at their core, each research program examines contemporary challenges with an eye to revealing future pathways towards delivering more sustainable, resilient urban and regional environments, within Australia and abroad.

    Our research strengths include:

    • Environmental governance (with expertise in both waste and water governance)
    • Urban sustainability transitions (understanding pathways for change)
    • Green infrastructure and landscapes
    • Processes and practices to transform waste products (reuse, recycling)
    • Liveable, productive and resilient urban environments
    • Corporate social responsibility
    • Political Ecology