Australian Adoption Records

    • Department of Child Safety Adoption is the transfer, generally by order of a court, of all parental rights and obligations from the birth parent(s) to the adoptive parent(s). Legal adoption was first introduced in 1928, but numbers of adoptions in Australia have fallen in recent decades. The reasons for the decline are mainly related to social ... Read more
    • South Australian Statutes Adoption of Children Act, No. 1692, 1925 Among other things, this Act provided: regulation of to whom a female or male child may be adopted respectively (3) that the child be under the age of 15 (2) that applicants be ”fit and proper persons” (5)  that a child over the age of 12 consents to the adoption(5) that the ... Read more
    • State Library of Victoria Collection Swanston St, Melbourne Collections: MS 10051 Victorian Children’s Aid Society Period: 1893 – 1977 Extent: 15 Boxes, 38 V. Description: laws, annual reports, minutes, financial records, case histories, Court committals, fostering and adoption records of children under the care of the society, correspondence, published records, press cuttings and photos. Access: Restricted MS 13248 National Council for the Single Mother and her ... Read more
    • Adoption Acts, Parliamentary Debates State Archives State Library Issues papers, submissions, select committee reports State Records Office of Western Australia Agencies State Library Collections Oral Histories Video Printed primary sources Pamphlets, newsletters, annual reports Newspaper and magazine articles Secondary sources First person writing Books, papers, theses Adoption services providers Support services Holdings at University of Western Australia Adoption Acts – Western Australia On the whole, legislation in Western Australia has become more transparent, while at ... Read more