Why study History?

More than just dates and facts, history offers a discipline through which we can interpret and find meaning in the past. Through a variety of methodological and theoretical tools, historical studies tells us where we came from, who we are, and where we’re heading.

In addition to offering an understanding of the world we live in, a degree in history provides a practical skill set that is transferable to a wide variety of careers. Research and writing skills are at the heart of historical inquiry, as is analytical thinking. Our students learn how to read critically, conduct research, write with clarity, and make a persuasive evidence-based argument.  Whether in government work or the private sector, employers value the skills that an Arts degree in history provides.

History 2nd and 3rd year Units 2017

Semester One:

ATS2107 Colonial America: From Puritans to Revolutionaries (Josh Specht)
ATS2380 Global Migrations: Making the Modern World (Christina Twomey)
ATS2529 Eurovisions: Europe since WW2 (Paula Michaels)
ATS2600 The Holocaust (Daniella Doron)
ATS2603 The Age of the Crusades (Constant Mews)
ATS2633 Global Cities (Seamus O’Hanlon)
ATS2932 Struggles for Justice (Kate Murphy)

ATS3623 Nationalities, Ethnicities and Conflict (TBC)
ATS3079 Rise and Fall of Modern China (Ernest Koh)
ATS3080 Remembering the Past (Megan Cassidy-Welch)
ATS3288 Renaissance Rome: The Papacy and the World (Peter Howard)
ATS3582 Arab-Israeli Conflict (Mark Baker)

Semester Two:

ATS2057 Genocide (Noah Shenker)
ATS2106 A Short History of the World (David Garrioch)
ATS2596 The Vietnam War (Jane Drakard)
ATS2602 Renaissance Italy (Peter Howard)
ATS2620 The Age of the Samurai (Adam Clulow)
ATS2595 The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany (Michael Hau)

ATS3626 Global Disasters (Susie Protschky)
ATS3632 Post-conflict: Justice, memory and reconciliation (Mark Baker)
ATS3616 Race and Rights in the 20th Century (Joshua Specht)
ATS3933 The Meaning of Things (Paula Michaels)
ATS3589 Medieval and early modern Britain (Kathleen Neal)
ATS3931 Making Digital Histories (Al Thomson)

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