Undergraduate Studies in the Department of History


SOPHIS offers undergraduate units in a number of areas including:

In order to help you plan the units you might take as part of your major or minor in History, we have grouped our offerings according to the areas of American History, Asian History, Australian History, European History, Global History, and Medieval/Renaissance History here.

Visit our Student Profile  page for a look at why some of our recent graduates studied History.

Undergraduate Units (links to handbook)

Students may construct a sequence, minor or major in history by selecting units spread geographically across the fields of Asian, European and Australian history or by following a more specialised sequence based upon a particular field or theme. Students are advised to seek further information from the faculty office

A wide array of units is available at second and third year level, covering areas a diverse range of subject areas including British, Australian and American History, Australian Aboriginal History, Nazi Germany, The Vietnam War, the American Civil War, poverty and injustice and Renaissance Florence (Prato).  Some units are offered each year, but many are rotated to give students as wide as possible choice over the course of study.  The University Handbook has a complete list of units.

As well as providing knowledge of specific disciplines and fields, units taught in the History Department offer students the opportunity of developing skills of research and analysis and enhancing their skills in written and oral communication. In particular, tutorials and class projects are designed to give students practical experience of the balance of teamwork, flexibility and independent learning critical to a successful professional career.

Undergraduate Resources

Listed below are some general resources for History students.

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