At Monash, a Higher Degree by Research is a postgraduate degree comprising 66% or 100% research. Our research postgraduate program is characterised by a focus on student community, advising and support. At the postgraduate level our students benefit from core coursework as they launch their postgraduate work, clear milestones to help them stay on track, and intensive support from engaged supervisors. If you are considering postgraduate research, take a look at the list of our academic staff and contact directly those researchers whose interests suggest they might be a good match.


All research postgraduate students are expected to attend a regular seminar series. In their first year, students attend an ‘Induction Seminar’ every couple of weeks in the course of which we discuss how best to develop a thesis topic, write a literature review, approach the theoretical issues that may be involved in the thesis and undertaking research. This program meshes with one that is run by Arts Graduate Research but the focus is on enabling students to discuss their work and their concerns with each other.

At the end of their first year, all new students present a paper outlining their research to a conference attended by academic staff and other graduate students. During their first year, too, all students present their project to a small panel of staff.

In their second and subsequent years, students attend a ‘Work in Progress’ seminar at which they discuss ongoing research questions and read and comment on the work of other graduates – and in turn have their work read and commented upon.

There are also other seminars in which all graduate students meet together – to discuss an important book or article or to meet with and listen to a guest speaker.

Postgraduate Research Resources and Facilities

History and the School of Philosophical, Historical & International Studies offers a number of facilities and resources to our Postgraduate Research Students, including postgraduate rooms and funding support.  Our support structures provide opportunities for students to enhance their professional development. For example, many students choose to join the editorial team of the School’s online refereed postgraduate journal Eras or to undertake sessional tutoring.

For further information

  • Check the Staff Research Profiles for possible research supervision areas.
  • Staff members’ interests range widely, and students who wish to work on topics not covered on this page can possibly be accommodated. The School also encourages students to undertake interdisciplinary and comparative topic.
  • Dissertation topics may be discussed by interview with the relevant Postgraduate Coordinator or Postgraduate Administrator

Postgraduate Research Enquiries

For all matters and questions to do with your candidature, scholarships, forms, resources and administrative issues, your first port of call will normally be either the Postgraduate Coordinator or the Postgraduate Administrator