2018 History units

Level 1 Student comments

ATS1316 Medieval worlds: From Vikings to the Silk Road

Dr Kathleen Neal

Dr Neal was Winner of Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (2016)

“The passion of the lecturers really motivated me to continue with this unit and it’s great to see lecturers and tutors, especially Kathleen Neal, inspire students like myself to pursue history.”

“I loved this unit! It was engaging and interesting and enhanced and built on all my abilities.”

ATS1320 Nations at war: Revolution and empire

Professor David Garrioch

“Lecturing was of consistently high quality. The weekly readings were well-chosen and of a variety of mediums (podcast, video, text). I liked that the lecturers often drew parallels between events in the past and events in the present.”

“The content was fabulous, and the tutors and lecturers were interesting and informed. I loved it!”

ATS1325 Contemporary Worlds 1

Professor Alistair Thomson

Winner of Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Alistair Thomson was an AMAZING teacher, and likely the best I have ever had.

Overall this was a fantastic unit that is very well run. One of the most organised and clear units that I have taken at Monash in my three years. The lectures are great and it is useful how Al talks about assessments and explains them within lectures as well as content.

I found the structure of this unit very clear. The topics were interesting and the teaching staff are wonderful, engaging, passionate and very supportive.

Easily my favourite unit, actually enjoyed doing the weekly readings!

Level 2 Student comments

ATS2110 Slavery: A History

Dr Timothy Verhoeven


ATS2617 American Civil War

Dr Joshua Specht

“I was really impressed with every aspect of this unit. The lectures were particularly good I really enjoyed them, they were entertaining and enjoyable and effectively conveyed the information needed for the course work.”

“Josh himself is a very engaging person, so the lectures were made even better through his enthusiasm and knowledge probably making this the most effective aspect of the unit.”

“I liked the way students were encouraged to actively engage with history through tasks such as the Convention. Lectures are interesting and the tutorials are enjoyable.”

ATS2633 Global Cities

Associate Professor Seamus O’Hanlon

‘Brilliant lectures!’

ATS2584 Australia’s black history

Professor Bain Attwood


ATS2596 The Vietnam War

Dr Jemma Purdey

‘The range of topics available for the major essays was brilliant…The essay portal alone was a great resource for learning.’

‘The most interesting unit I’ve ever participated in.’

Level 3 Student comments

ATS3080 Remembering the past

Dr Kate Murphy

‘awesome compulsory unit!’; ‘the course was brilliant’; ‘a great unit’; ‘would not have changed anything”; ‘one of the best units I’ve taken in my time at university’.

ATS3124 Everyday life in the Soviet Union

Associate Professor Paula Michaels


ATS3574 Fears and fantasies: Deviance and criminality in the modern world

Dr Michael Hau

Excellent teacher!

ATS3623 Nationality, ethnicity and conflict

Associate Professor Julie Kalman


ATS3078 From the fall of Rome to the millennium: The world of the early Middle Ages

Associate Professor Peter Howard


Semester 2

Level 1 Student Comments

ATS1317 Renaissance worlds: Conflict, art, invention

Associate Professor Carolyn James


ATS1321 Nations at war: The twentieth century

Dr Timothy Verhoeven


ATS1326 Contemporary worlds 2

Associate Professor Ernest Koh

‘Ernest Koh is One of the best lecturers at Monash.’

Level 2 Student comments

ATS2590 Twentieth-century Britain: Rule Britannia to cool Britannia

Associate Professor Seamus O’Hanlon


ATS2588 Australian stories: People, place and histories

Professor Alistair Thomson

“Alistair Thomson was an AMAZING teacher, and likely the best I have ever had.”

ATS2932 Struggles for justice: The history of rebellion, resistance and revolt

Dr Kate Murphy

The use of guest lecturers who were experts in their area was fabulous. The content of the unit; interesting topics, very good readings. Good support including from library for writing assessments. Interactive tutorial adjusted to suit learning styles. LOVED THE UNIT

Lecturers were all brilliant!

It was also a very captivating unit, I enjoyed how it wasn’t focused on revolutions but more so on common methods of resistance. Overall it was really fantastic.

ATS2595 The rise and fall of Nazi Germany

Dr Michael Hau

Michael Hau actively works to facilitate discussion and debate amongst students.’

Excellent teacher!’

Level 3 Student comments

ATS3589 Uniting the Kingdoms? Conflict and identity in Britain 1066-1660

Dr Kathleen Neal

Winner of Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (2016)

“Not many lecturers can keep me thoroughly engaged for two hours and leave me wanting to hear more”

ATS3593 History of sexuality 1800 – to the present

Professor Bain Attwood


ATS3616 Making America modern: Race, power and belonging in the twentieth-century

Dr Joshua Specht


ATS3933 The meaning of things: Writing cultural history

Associate Professor Paula Michaels


Intensive Units

ATS2612 The Renaissance in Florence

Associate Professor Peter Howard


ATS3208 In the footsteps of refugees

Associate Professor Nathalie Nguyen


ATS3311 Text and community in Medieval and Renaissance Italy

Associate Professor Peter Howard


ATS2380 Global migrations: Making the modern world

Dr Mia Treacey