Finish your Degree early with a Summer Intensive at Clayton

History and International studies summer intensive unit at Clayton Campus

21 hours on-campus contact between 21st November 2016 – 2nd December 2016, with assessment completed by 9th December.

ATS 3631 – The Idea of Travel: Global Perspectives

6 points – Summer Semester A 2016

Unit Coordinator: Associate Professor Jane Drakard

WEEK ONE Histories and Themes

WEEK TWO Travel theories and Dilemmas

SYNOPSIS: Travel is essential in modern life, yet we rarely pause to think about the role of travel over time and the way in which travel and travellers have shaped our world. This unit examines the history and impact of global travel from earliest times until the present, concluding with questions about the future of travel. Lectures will develop a number of key themes which will be explored in detail in tutorials through the examination of specific examples and case studies. These themes will have an international focus and will include exploration, cultural encounter, pilgrimage, migration, technology, tourism and mass travel, travel imagery and writing and the environmental impact of travel.