Current research (Dr Susie Protschky)

Current Research (Dr. Susie Protschky)

East IndiesSusie is editor of a new collection of essays titled Camera Ethica: Lenses on Modernity, Civilisation and Being Governed in Late-Colonial Indonesia, currently under review with Amsterdam University Press. The volume includes essays by Susie Protschky, Jean Gelman Taylor, Rudolf Mràzek, Henk Schulte Nordholt, Pamela Pattynama, Karen Strassler, Paul Bijl and Joost Coté. This is the first book to appear in English on the Ethical Policy, a liberal program of imperial reforms applied to the Netherlands East Indies (colonial Indonesia) under Dutch rule during the first decades of the twentieth century.  Extant studies of the Ethical Policy have often focused on the Dutch elites who contributed to its formulation, and rely on the oratorical and textual sources generated by this group to explain its conception. Camera Ethica shifts the focus to photographic sources made by and for Indonesian as well as European photographers and viewers, and thus revises understandings of how the Ethical Policy was formulated and responded to in the Indies. This book is one of several projects Susie is working on to do with histories of photography in colonial Indonesia. She is also writing a monograph on how images of the Dutch monarchy were mobilised in the Indies during the first half of the twentieth century by different groups to make various claims about identity and status. Susie is also contributing to the catalogue for an exhibition on Indies photography to be staged at the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) in early 2014.