Herb Feith Translation Series

The Herb Feith Translation Series publishes high-quality non-fiction manuscripts not yet available in English, which enhance scholarship and teaching about Indonesia.  Published by the Herb Feith Foundation in conjunction with Monash University Publishing the books will be available for ‘Open Access’ or free download.

The Foundation provides funds for both the translation and to assist with costs of publication.

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1.  Importance of the text to scholarship and teaching about Indonesia;
2.  Significance of the genre and how well it is represented in existing translations;
3.  Qualifications of the translator;
4.  Probability of successful completion;
5.  Probability of classroom use.

Please send expressions of interest to jemma.purdey@monash.edu

Publications in the series

Translating accounts of the 1965-66 mass violence in Indonesia, Monash University Publishing

To read and download the books for free, visit:

Truth will out: Indonesian accounts of the 1965 mass violence

Breaking the silence: Survivors speak about 1965-66 violence in Indonesia