Research Projects

ARC Future Fellowships

Catherine Mills (CI) ‘A new understanding of responsibility in the ethics of human reproduction’. FT120100026.

Andrea Whittaker (CI) ‘Borders, babies and biotechnologies: cross-border reproductive travel in Asia and Australia’. FT110100054.

ARC Discovery Projects

Mark Davis (PCI) and Andrea Whittaker ‘AMR-scapes – Antimicrobial Resistance: Science, Communication and Public Engagements’ – with Mia Lindgren, Monika Djerf-Pierre (Gothenberg and Monash), Paul Flowers (Glasgow Caledonian University), Davina Lohm, Ben Lyall. DP170100937.

Catherine Mills (PCI) ‘Legal and ethical issues in the inheritable genetic modification of humans’ – Karinne Ludlow, Robert Sparrow, Narelle Warren. DP170100919.

Catherine Mills (PCI) ‘Ultrasound, Embodiment and Abortion: An analysis of foetal images and the ethics of selective termination of pregnancy’ – with Niamh Stephenson (CI, UNSW). DP110100752.

Alan Petersen (CI) ‘Expectations in Healthcare Testing: A Sociological Study’ (in collaboration with Arizona State University) – with Diana Bowman (ASU), Kiran Pienaar.

Alan Petersen (CI) ‘A Sociological Study of Patient’s Use of Digital Media’ – with Alison Anderson (Plymouth), Timothy Caulfield (Alberta), Allegra Schermuly.

Alan Petersen (PCI) ‘A Sociological Study of the anti-ageing treatment market: the dynamics of expectations’ – with Christine Parker (CI).

ARC Linkage Projects

Mark Davis (CI) ‘Navigating an uncertain antimicrobial future: A sociological study’ with Alex Broom (PCI, UNSW), Emma Kirby (CI), Susan Dodds (CI), Jennifer Broom (PI) and Jeffrey Post (PI), LP170100300.

Andrea Whittaker (CI) ‘Living positive in Queensland: A qualitative longitudinal study of aging, place and social isolation’ – with Lisa Fitzgerald (PCI), Shaun Staunton(PI), Steve Lambert (PI), Andrew Vallely (CI). LP110200318.

Other Projects

Mark Davis (CI) ‘Delivering Behavioural Insights and developing research capacity to combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Scotland’ (Health Protection Scotland) – with Paul Flowers (PCI, Glasgow Caledonian University), Lesley Price (CI, GCU), Darren Langdridge (CI, OU), Tim Chadborn (CI, Public Health England), Kay Currie (CI, GCU).

Catherine Mills (CI) ‘Ethical and Social Aspects of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)’ (Sociology of Health and Illness Foundation Development Grant) – with Celia Roberts (Lancaster University, UK), Havi Carel (Bristol University, UK), Jackie Leach Scully (Newcastle University, UK).

Catherine Mills (CI) ‘Fatherhood aspirations, expectations, and outcomes: an interdisciplinary investigation’ (Faculty of Arts/Faculty of Medicine Interdisciplinary Research Grant) – with Karin Hammerberg (CI) and Sara Holton (CI).

Alan Petersen (PCI) ‘Unintended consequences: the publics and open access research literature’ (Monash Arts­­­­–Medicine and Interdisciplinary seeding grants) – with Rachel Nowak (CI, Brain Dialogue, Medicine) and Elizabeth Paton (CI, Brain Dialogue, Medicine).

Alan Petersen (PCI) ‘Co-designing an online resource for health and wellness travellers’ (Monash Arts–Medicine interdisciplinary grant, and Faculty of IT seeding grant) – with Frada Burstein (CI, Faculty of IT) and Julie Fisher (CI, Faculty of IT), Kate Seear (CI, Faculty of Law)

Andrea Whittaker ‘Factors influencing the HIV testing to treatment trajectory within a Queensland context’ (HIV Foundation Queensland) – with Lisa Fitzpatrick (CI), Joseph Debattista, Allyson Mutch, Chris Howard, Jimie Lemoire, Li Min Mao.

Andrea Whittaker (PCI) and Mark Davis (CI) ‘Antimicrobial stewardship within diverse communities: inclusive clinical and community interventions’ (Monash Provost Interdisciplinary research grant) – with Allen Cheng, Michael Dooley, Chris Lemoh. 

Completed Projects

ARC Discovery Projects

Mark Davis (PCI) ‘Public engagement with pandemic influenza’ – with Paul Flowers (GCU), Niamh Stephenson (UNSW).

Alan Petersen (CI) ‘High hopes, high risk?: a sociological study of stem cell tourism’ (including private benefactor grant for a PhD ‘Science in Society’ Studentship) – with Steven Wainwright (Brunel) (PI).

​Alan Petersen (CI)​ ‘Improving Australia’s response to childhood obesity: Prevention education and its impact on mothers and families’ – with Suzanne Fraser (PCI), JaneMaree Maher (CI), Janice Wright (CI).

Andrea Whittaker (PCI) ‘Medical travel in Asia: Therapeutic quests for hearts and hips’ – with Chee Heng Leng (PI, NUS). DP1094895.

ARC Linkage Projects

​Alan Petersen (CI) ‘Determining the individual, community and societal impacts of compensable injury’ (Partner Organisations: Transport Accident Commission, WorkSafe, Comcare) – with Alex Collie (PCI), Adam Vogel, Helen Keleher, Roderick McClure, Niki Ellis.

Andrea Whittaker (PCI) ‘Contraceptive technologies and reproductive choice among immigrant women’ (Partner Organisations: The Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health, The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, FP NSW) – with Lenore Manderson (PI).

Other Projects

​Alan Petersen (CI) ‘A framework for assessing the social, economic and environmental impacts of new and emerging technologies’ (Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education) – with Ian Lowe (PCI), Susan Dodds (CI).