Health and Biofutures

The Health and Biofutures Focus Program engages with the scientific, technological and socio-political transformations of human health and the production of human life. It builds on contemporary currents in academic and applied research to address major public policy questions and challenges in Australia and internationally.

This multifaceted program explores the growing digitalisation of health care; emerging reproductive and sexual health technologies; preparedness policy and communications on global health threats; the impacts of globalisation and deregulation on practices of health and healthcare (e.g. health and medical tourism); and how discourses and narratives of promise, hope and expectation shape bioscience, biotechnology and biomedicine.


  • Interview on antibiotic resistance Associate Professor Mark Davis sits down with the School of Media, Film and Journalism to discuss a new ARC Discovery Project on antimicrobial resistance. Associate Professor Davis leads an international team researching publics, media and communications on antibiotic resistance. Listen to the interview here. Read more
  • Professor Alan Petersen and Associate Professor Megan Munsie (University of Melbourne) recently appeared on Life Matters (Radio National) to discuss their recent research project on the socio-cultural dynamics of stem cell tourism, particularly the factors shaping Australians’ views and expectations of stem cell treatments offered abroad.  Listen to the podcast here.         Read more
  • Can and should ageing be ‘treated’?: Making sense of the rise of the anti-ageing treatment market Join Professor Alan Peterson for his upcoming National Ageing Research Institute Weekly Seminar. The recent rapid growth of the market of ‘anti-ageing treatments’ raises a host of questions for those concerned with the health and welfare of older people.… Read more
  • Monash Health and Biofutures Focus Program invite you to join the authors Alan Petersen, Megan Munsie, Claire Tanner, Casimir McGregor and Jane Brophy, and their guests in celebrating the launch of Stem Cell Tourism and the Political Economy of Hope. The event will be launched by Professor Jane Kaye of the University of Melbourne. Kathleen Syme Library… Read more
  • A study of men’s fatherhood aspirations, expectations, and outcomes We are looking for men aged 20 to 45 years living in Australia to take part in a survey about why men have and don’t have children.  This research is being conducted by Dr Karin Hammaerberg, Associate Professor Catherine Mills and Dr Sara Holton from Monash… Read more
  • On Thursday June 8, Monash Anthropology held its annual public talk at the State Library of Victoria. This year’s talk focused on the topic of live tissue donation and saw six speakers address a range of practical, ethical, financial and regulatory aspects of the topic. Speakers were invited to discuss their area of expertise and… Read more
  • Professor Alan Petersen and Research Fellow John Gardner will be among the presenters at UNSW Law School in Sydney on 17-18 August. This symposium is designed to consider the social, economic, and ethical dimensions of precision medicine, the envisaged transformation in the nature of the contemporary patient experience and the broader implications of precision medicine for… Read more

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