GTReC Staff

Staff and their areas of interest

Pete LentiniAssociate Professor Pete Lentini

Founding Director; Coordinator for Research, Policy and Governance; Senior Lecturer in Politics

Neojihadism in Australia and globally; comparative extremisms and new religious movements; terrorism; political violence and post-conflict reconstruction in Russia and the North Caucasus.

Professor Emeritus Gary D. Bouma

Acting Director; Sociology; UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations (Asia-Pacific); GTReC Director (October 2006-September 2007)

Sociology of religion; managing religious diversity.

Luke HowieDr Luke Howie

Deputy Director; Lecturer, Behavioural Studies, Sociology and Gender Studies Behavioural responses to terrorism; victimisation; the media and terrorism; new media and terrorism; terrorism and businesses.


Dr Steven Zech

Deputy Director; Lecturer, Politics and International Relations. Political violence and terrorism, non-state actors, human rights, social identity, and network analysis.

Waleed AlyWaleed Aly

Academic Engagement Coordinator; Lecturer in Politics

Terrorism and political violence; history of Islamic thought; Islam in diaspora conditions, with particular attention to Australia.

Members and their areas of interest

No Photo AvailableDr Scott Firsing

Lecturer in International Studies, Monash South Africa

American politics, foreign and defense policy; terrorism, counter-terrorism and intelligence; peacekeeping and peacemaking; diplomacy and international institutions; BRICS relations; global resource wars; space politics.

Sayed KhatabDr Sayed Khatab

Research Fellow, GTReC

Islamic political thought; fundamentalism; Islamic law and political violence; democracy in Islam; human rights; terrorism and counter-terrorism.

No Photo AvailableDr Jonathan Lyons

Researcher, Sociology

Sociology of religion; Western discourse of Islam; media coverage of Islam and Muslims.

Benjamin MacQueenBenjamin MacQueen

Former Deputy Director; Postgraduate Research Coordinator; Lecturer in Politics

International Relations; Middle Eastern politics and society; conflict resolution and post-conflict theory and practice; politics of Islam; democracy and political reform; security and terrorism studies; US politics and society.

No Photo AvailableDr Simon Moss

Adjunct Research Associate, Psychology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine

Psychology of terrorism; leadership; resilience, aggression; group dynamics and impact of environment on individual behaviour.

No Photo AvailableDr Gerry Nagtzaam

Lecturer, Faculty of Law

Eco-Terrorism and Environmental Activism; US Politics; International Relations and International Law.

Researchers and their areas of interest

No Photo AvailableRosleenda Mohamed Ali

GTReC Associate

Psychology of terrorism; radicalisation of young Australian Muslims.

No Photo AvailableKate Barrelle

GTReC Associate

Psychology of terrorism; terrorist disengagement and de-radicalisation.

No Photo AvailableShandon Harris-Hogan

GTReC Associate

Radicalisation and terrorist networking in Australia; Australia-Lebanon terrorist connections; Australian terrorists’ biographies.

No Photo AvailableJo Hart

Researcher, GTReC

Extremisms in Australia; radicalisation.

No Photo AvailableMuhammad Iqbal

Researcher, GTReC, Centre for Islam and the Modern World
PhD Candidate

Islam in Indonesia; extremisms in Indonesia; radicalisation, online radicalisation.

No Photo AvailableDr Patrick Kimunguyi

Lecturer, Monash European and European Union Centre, Research Assistant, GTReC

Terrorism and counter-terrorism in the European Union; terrorism in East Africa.

No Photo AvailableBruce McFarlane

PhD Candidate, GTReC/Politics

On-line radicalisation; terrorism in Australia and Indonesia; counter-terrorism policing and intelligence.

No Photo AvailableDebra Smith

GTReC Associate

Terrorism and emotions; terrorist epistemologies, IRA, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

No Photo AvailableAndrew Zammit

Researcher, GTReC
Australian terrorists’ biographies; terrorism in Australia; Australia-Lebanon terrorist connections; political violence in Indonesia.

Adjuncts and their areas of interest

Dr Muhammad Bakashmar

Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies; Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia; Religion and Politics in East Africa.

No Photo AvailableDr Scott Flower

Crawford School of Pacific Studies, ANU

Converts to Islam; Islam in Papua New Guinea; Security in Asia-Pacific.

No Photo AvailableDr Gaetano Joe Ilardi

Community Engagement Officer, Victoria Police

Radicalisation; countering violent extremism; counterterrorism policing; security intelligence.

No Photo AvailableDr Stephanie Koorey

Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies, Canberra

Nuclear weapons and weapons proliferation.

No Photo AvailableDr Andrew Newman

Senior Program Officer – International Program, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Washington, D.C.

Nuclear proliferation and terrorism; the future of the nuclear fuel cycle; the politics of nuclear waste; and US and international security.

No Photo AvailableProfessor Douglas Pratt

Convenor, Religious Studies Programme, Chairperson, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Christian thought and history; Islam and Christian-Muslim relations; interreligious dialogue; pluralism; fundamentalism; and terrorism.

No Photo AvailableDr Eduardo Ugarte

Terrorism and Conflict in the Philippines, with reference to the Abu Sayyaf Group; hostage taking as a terrorist tactic.