GTReC Staff


    Staff and their areas of interest

    Pete LentiniAssociate Professor Pete Lentini

    Founding Director; Coordinator for Research, Policy and Governance; Senior Lecturer in Politics
    Neojihadism in Australia and globally; comparative extremisms and new religious movements; terrorism; political violence and post-conflict reconstruction in Russia and the North Caucasus.

    Professor Emeritus Gary D. Bouma

    Acting Director; Sociology; UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations (Asia-Pacific); GTReC Director (October 2006-September 2007)
    Sociology of religion; managing religious diversity.

    Luke HowieDr Luke Howie

    Deputy Director; Lecturer, Behavioural Studies, Sociology and Gender Studies
    Behavioural responses to terrorism; victimisation; the media and terrorism; new media and terrorism; terrorism and businesses.


    Greg BartonProfessor Greg Barton

    Director, International; Politics; Herb Feith Professor for the Study of Indonesia; Deputy UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations (Asia-Pacific); and Acting Director, Centre for Islam and the Modern World; Co-Editor of the Journal of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (ICMR)
    Islamist and Islamic movements and thought; terrorism; security, progressive Islamic thought and civil society; politics and social movements in the Muslim world with particular reference to Indonesia; Muslim Southeast Asia and Turkey.

    No Photo AvailableDr Virginie Andre

    Researcher in Politics and GTReC; Convenor, Master of Counter-Terrorism Studies
    Security; terrorism… insurgency; disarmament; conflict resolution; ethno-nationalism; globalization; cosmopolitanism; democracy and military; especially in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

    Waleed AlyWaleed Aly

    Academic Engagement Coordinator; Lecturer in Politics
    Terrorism and political violence; history of Islamic thought; Islam in diaspora conditions, with particular attention to Australia.

    Derya Dilara Akguner

    Centre Officer; Researcher in Politics
    Prevention; Peace Studies; Minority Rights; Nationalism; Identity; Social Cohesion; religious co-existence and dialogue; and terrorism.

    No Photo AvailableRos King

    Project Manager, Understanding Terrorism in an Australian Context: Radicalisation, De-Radicalisation and Counter-Radicalisation

    Members and their areas of interest

    No Photo AvailableDr Scott Firsing

    Lecturer in International Studies, Monash South Africa
    American politics, foreign and defense policy; terrorism, counter-terrorism and intelligence; peacekeeping and peacemaking; diplomacy and international institutions; BRICS relations; global resource wars; space politics.

    Sayed KhatabDr Sayed Khatab

    Research Fellow, GTReC
    Islamic political thought; fundamentalism; Islamic law and political violence; democracy in Islam; human rights; terrorism and counter-terrorism.

    No Photo AvailableDr Jonathan Lyons

    Researcher, Sociology
    Sociology of religion; Western discourse of Islam; media coverage of Islam and Muslims.

    Benjamin MacQueenBenjamin MacQueen

    Former Deputy Director; Postgraduate Research Coordinator; Lecturer in Politics
    International Relations; Middle Eastern politics and society; conflict resolution and post-conflict theory and practice; politics of Islam; democracy and political reform; security and terrorism studies; US politics and society.

    No Photo AvailableDr Simon Moss

    Adjunct Research Associate, Psychology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine
    Psychology of terrorism; leadership; resilience, aggression; group dynamics and impact of environment on individual behaviour.

    No Photo AvailableDr Gerry Nagtzaam

    Lecturer, Faculty of Law
    Eco-Terrorism and Environmental Activism; US Politics; International Relations and International Law.

    No Photo AvailableEla Ogru

    Researcher in Politics, GTReC
    Citizenship; nationalism; identity; social inclusion and exclusion; terrorism and political violence.

    Researchers and their areas of interest

    No Photo AvailableRosleenda Mohamed Ali

    PhD Candidate, GTReC/Faculty of Medicine
    Psychology of terrorism; radicalisation of young Australian Muslims.

    No Photo AvailableKate Barrelle

    PhD Candidate, GTReC/Politics
    Psychology of terrorism; terrorist disengagement and de-radicalisation.

    No Photo AvailableShandon Harris-Hogan

    Researcher, GTReC
    Radicalisation and terrorist networking in Australia; Australia-Lebanon terrorist connections; Australian terrorists’ biographies.

    No Photo AvailableJo Hart

    Researcher, GTReC
    Extremisms in Australia; radicalisation.

    No Photo AvailableMuhammad Iqbal

    Researcher, GTReC, Centre for Islam and the Modern World
    Islam in Indonesia; extremisms in Australia; radicalisation, online radicalisation.

    No Photo AvailableDr Patrick Kimunguyi

    Lecturer, Monash European and European Union Centre, Research Assistant, GTReC
    Terrorism and counter-terrorism in the European Union; terrorism in East Africa.

    No Photo AvailableBruce McFarlane

    PhD Candidate, GTReC/Politics
    On-line radicalisation; terrorism in Australia and Indonesia; counter-terrorism policing and intelligence.

    No Photo AvailableDebra Smith

    Researcher, GTReC
    Terrorism and emotions; terrorist epistemologies, IRA, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

    No Photo AvailableAndrew Zammit

    Researcher, GTReC
    Australian terrorists’ biographies; terrorism in Australia; Australia-Lebanon terrorist connections; political violence in Indonesia.

    Adjuncts and their areas of interest

    Dr Muhammad Bakashmar

    Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies; Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia; Religion and Politics in East Africa.

    No Photo AvailableDr Scott Flower

    Crawford School of Pacific Studies, ANU
    Converts to Islam; Islam in Papua New Guinea; Security in Asia-Pacific.

    No Photo AvailableDr Gaetano Joe Ilardi

    Community Engagement Officer, Victoria Police
    Radicalisation; countering violent extremism; counterterrorism policing; security intelligence.

    No Photo AvailableDr Stephanie Koorey

    Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies, Canberra
    Nuclear weapons and weapons proliferation.

    No Photo AvailableDr Andrew Newman

    Senior Program Officer – International Program, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Washington, D.C.
    Nuclear proliferation and terrorism; the future of the nuclear fuel cycle; the politics of nuclear waste; and US and international security.

    No Photo AvailableProfessor Douglas Pratt

    Convenor, Religious Studies Programme, Chairperson, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Waikato, New Zealand
    Christian thought and history; Islam and Christian-Muslim relations; interreligious dialogue; pluralism; fundamentalism; and terrorism.

    No Photo AvailableDr Eduardo Ugarte

    Terrorism and Conflict in the Philippines, with reference to the Abu Sayyaf Group; hostage taking as a terrorist tactic.