GTReC/NBTC Training 2013


On 12th November, 2013, the Global Terrorism Research Centre (GTReC) at Monash University completed a 7 day training program on “Public Diplomacy, Broadcast Media, and Countering Violent Extremism” for the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission of Thailand (NBTC). This highly successful training program, organized and delivered by GTReC equipped participants with a critical understanding of public diplomacy and how public diplomacy through broadcast media can play an important role in countering violent extremism. The training program covered issues such as the use of smart power and public diplomacy, the role of and developing strategies for the media in countering violent extremism, as well as a general overview of terrorism, both globally and specifically within Southeast Asia. Specific topics included:

  • Smart Power and Public Diplomacy
  • Countering Violent Extremism through Media
  • Broadcasting and Internet: Blurring Boundaries
  • Social Resilience: Developing Responsible and Professional Media
  • Social Marketing, Social Influence, and Persuasion
  • Jihadism and Neojihadism
  • Broadcasting Neojihadism
  • Pattani Neojihadism
  • Radicalisation and CVE and the Online Environment
  • Social Media: Facebook and YouTube
  • Pattani Social Media Campaigns
  • Terrorism Trends in Southeast Asia
  • Applying Tore Bjorgo’s Strategies for Preventing Terrorism
  • Smart Power, Social Resilience, and Terrorist Recruitment
  • CVE Media Opportunities in Thailand


For enquiries regarding this training program, please contact GTReC training coordinator Dr. Virginie Andre at