Master of Sustainability

The Master of Sustainability is an interdisciplinary course designed to meet the needs of graduates from diverse backgrounds.

While the course is suited to those who want to enhance their qualifications for careers in environmental sustainability, corporate sustainability management or sustainable development, it will also suit those who want to enable societal, organisational and individual change to support sustainability both domestically and internationally.

The course has three distinct streams:

  • Environment and Governance - for students who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding to enable societal and governmental change to support sustainability, and to enhance their qualifications for careers in environmental policy and analysis, planning, consulting, education, advocacy and management.
  • Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Management - vocationally-oriented and flexible, designed to meet the growing need for skills professionals that have competencies in both business and sustainability management and who understand the nexus between the two.
  • International Development and Natural Resource Management - provides students with rigorous theoretical and practical training in analysis of international development policies targeting urban environments, climate change, biodiversity conservation, food security, and privatisation of ecosystem services.

All three streams offer potential for a research or internship project, providing students with the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary real-world contexts.

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