Current Graduate Student Research


We have a large cohort of postgraduate students undertaking innovative and groundbreaking research. Our graduate students are vital in our research culture and receive expert supervision while undertaking the Monash PhD and Masters Graduate Research Programs. Our alumni are working all across the world in academia and a range of other fields. Here are the thesis topics of some of our recent graduates.



ZOPPOS, Eloise (PhD) Interaction Opportunities, Relational Tensions: Navigating the Entanglement of Friendship and Facebook (Dr RoseAnne Misajon/Dr Mark Davis/Dr Francesca Collins)


HALE, Rachel (PhD) Gendered Pathways to Desistance: The Experiences of Women Pre-, During and Post-Incarceration in Victoria (Dr Anna Eriksson/Dr Bronwyn Naylor)

HARRIS, Bridget (PhD) Just Spaces: Community Legal Centres as Places of Law (Prof. Jude McCulloch/Dr Bree Carlton)

NOWEIR, Maie (MA) Supporting Victims of Human Trafficking: Examining the Design and Implementation of Victim Support Within Australia and the United Kingdom (Dr Marie Segrave/Prof. Sharon Pickering)

SPRATLING, Alita (MA) Constructing Security: Examining the Australian Federal Police’s International Mandate (Prof. Jude McCulloch/Dr Dean Wilson)


BARRELLE, Kate (PhD) Pro-Integration: Disengagement and Life After Extremism (Prof. James Walter/Dr Ben MacQueen/Prof. Greg Barton)


ATHUKORALA, Handun (PhD) Inclusion and Exclusion: Identity Construction of Second-Generation Sri Lankans in Multicultural Australia (Assoc. Prof. Jo Lindsay/Assoc. Prof. Anita Harris/Prof. Denise Cuthbert)

MacDONALD, Fiona (PhD) Beyond Consumption: Belonging and the Everyday Social Worlds of Tween Girls (Assoc. Prof. JaneMaree Maher/Assoc. Prof. AnitaHarris)

PRIYATNA, Centurion (PhD) The Invisible Cigarette: The Production of Smoking Culture and Identity in Indonesia (Prof. Alan Petersen/Dr Mark Davis)


Dahlia Roque
Dahlia Roque

ROQUE, Dahlia (PhD) Middle-class Egyptian women negotiating marriage, family and work (Assoc. Prof. JaneMaree Maher/Assoc Prof. Jo Lindsay) Read more about Dahlia’s thesis 



BADER, Sandra (PhD) Intersubjective Realities: Women Dangdut Performers and Their Lived Experience in Indramayu and Jakarta, Indonesia (Dr Julian Millie/Dr Brett Hough/Dr Thomas Reuter)

BARRY, James (PhD) ‘My Nation is Not Soil, My Nation is Alive’: Positioning Armenian Christian Identity in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Dr Faridullah Bezhan/Assoc. Prof. John Bradley)


HUTTON, Vicki (PhD) Living with HIV in Developed Nations: Subjective Wellbeing and the Human-Animal Bond (Dr RoseAnne Misajon/Dr Francesca Collins) Winner 2013 Mollie Holman Medal for Doctoral Excellence

MONTERO, Kerry (PhD) ‘Fit to Drive’: The Making of Meanings About Young People, Road Safety and Risk in a Secondary School Road Safety Program (Assoc. Prof. Jo Lindsay/Assoc. Prof. Peter Kelly)


SUNDBERG, Kelly (PhD) Comparing Approaches to Internal Immigration Enforcement: A Study of Australia and Canada (Prof. Jude McCulloch/Prof. Sharon Pickering)

VAKALIS, David (MA) Guns, Bikes and Leather: Moral Panic and the 2008 South Australian ‘Anti-Bike’ Laws (Prof. Jude McCulloch/Dr Bree Carlton)


ACREMAN, Stephen (PhD) Allowing the World to Resist: A Postconstructivist Enlarged Mentality (Dr Michael Janover/Dr Paul Muldoon)

Virginie Andre with Graduate Research Administrator Sue Stevenson
Virginie Andre with Graduate Research Administrator Sue Stevenson

ANDRE, Virginie (PhD) Framing Separatist Terrorism in Southern Thailand: Collusion, Collision and Convergence (Prof. Greg Barton/Assoc. Prof. Pete Lentini)

MONIR, Nashid (PhD) Political Economy of Corruption: The Case of Tax Evasion in Bangladesh (Assoc. Prof. Sharif As-Saber/Assoc. Prof. Dharma Arunachalam)

PITT, Nicola (PhD) The Cultural and Political Significance of Tiger Mothering (Prof. Lenore Manderson)


ROSSOUW, Johannes (PhD) Bernard Stiegler and Western Modernity: Tracing the Theological in Stiegler’s Philosoph6y and Politics (Dr Michael Janover/Dr Paul Muldoon/Dr Pieter Devanage)


AHMAD, Yarina (PhD) Understanding Target for Social Marketing Programs to Prevent Child Abuse in a Malaysian Context (Assoc. Prof. Dharma Arunachalam/Prof. Denise Cuthbert/Dr Sarah Niner)

BAINES, Charlotte (PhD) A Neutral State? Constitutional, Legal and Historical Aspects of Church-State Relations in Australia (Dr Andrew Singleton/Dr Julian Millie/Prof. Marian Quartly)

BARRETT, Tim (MA) Friendships Between Men Across Sexual Orientation: The Interpersonal Management of Sexual Difference (Dr Kirsten McLean/Dr Andrew Singleton)

CALISKAN, Zuhal (MA) Second-Generation Turkish Australian Muslim Women, Family, Marriage and Identity (Assoc.Prof. Dharma Arunachalam/Dr RoseAnne Misajon)