Advanced Discipline Training

A diverse range of training programs will be offered in 2015. Candidates will participate in the training modules developed within their graduate research programs, and may select from options both within the Faculty of Arts and across the University in consultation with their supervisor and Program Co-ordinator.

Faculty of Arts

Monash University Training Resources


  • GRiP is an innovative program for Higher Degree Research candidates to encourage and mobilise them to write and publish in their fields. Find out more about our publications arising from this program.  Listen to the seminar on converting a thesis into a book (08/04/2008) The following comments were received from past participants: A sense of being supported instead of pressured to publish Confidence Read more
  • Thesis Writing Workshops are available to graduate research students in the Faculty of Arts.  The primary aim of the Thesis Writing Workshops is to provide supplementary support to students in helping them to communicate their ideas through improved writing skills. The overall benefits for students include, but are not limited to: group support in a process Read more
  • Research in the disciplines represented in the Faculty of Arts increasingly involves collecting large bodies of data which are stored in digital formats. Researchers therefore need expertise in managing such data in accordance with best practice and with the requirements of the university and of funding bodies. This training module will cover basic topics in Read more
  • Who will benefit from this training? This training module is for HDRs in the Faculty of Arts who need to submit an ethics application to the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (MUHREC). Like a grant proposal – or a journal article, or an opinion piece – an ethics application is a specific form of communication and Read more
  •  This program consists of two modules:  Module I: Graduate Employability Skills  Who will benefit from this module?  This training is aimed at graduate students who are in the early stages of their research (eg. approximately the first year). This module is designed to present students beginning their research with a set of skills and knowledge that will equip Read more