Theatre, Performance & Music Program

Located in the University’s Performing Arts Centre, our program is home to internationally renowned research in theatre and performance studies and musicology. Candidates also have the option of undertaking practice-based degrees in music performance, music composition and theatre performance. 

Program content

The following degrees are offered in the Theatre, Performance and Music Program:

  • 2695 Master of Arts
  • 3939  Master of Arts (Theatre Performance)
  • 3063 Master of Arts (Music Composition)
  • 3059 Master of Arts (Music Performance)
  • 0020 Doctor of Philosophy
  • 4066 Doctor of Philosophy (Theatre Performance)
  • 4067 Doctor of Philosophy (Music Composition)
  • 4088 Doctor of Philosophy (Music Performance)


Link to the Handbook entry for:

2014 Handbook for the Theatre and Performance Studies HDR program

2014 Handbook for the Theatre Performance HDR program

2014 Handbook for the Music Composition HDR program

2014 Handbook for the Music Performance HDR program

2014 Handbook for the Musicology HDR program


Program contacts

Program Director: A/Prof Maryrose Casey

Program Coordinator—Music: Dr Adrian McNeil 

Program Coordinator—Theatre: Dr Stuart Grant

Program Administrator: Ms Gloria Molina


Research areas and supervisors

Centre for Theatre & Performance          

Dr Jane Griffiths

Dr Fiona Gregory

Dr William Peterson

A/Prof Maryrose Casey

Dr Stuart Grant

Prof Peter Snow

Dr Karen Thomas*

Dr Felix Nobis*


Dr Joel Crotty

Dr Paul Watt

Dr Sarah Collins

Music Performance

Dr Kenji Fujimura

Music Composition

A/Prof Thomas Reiner


Prof Margaret Kartomi

Gender and Social Media

Dr Amy Dobson*

Music and Sound Effect

Dr Michelle Duffy*

 * Available for associate supervision