Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Information for Applicants

Current PhD and research master’s candidates in the Faculty of Arts may also be eligible for a host of scholarships offered by Monash and the Faculty of Arts.

Scholarships Available

See an overview of all scholarships available to future and current postgraduate researchers in the Faculty of Arts…

Where eligible, applicants who complete the Postgraduate Research Scholarships online application form can automatically be considered for the following Faculty of Arts scholarships, :

Application process

Step 1 – Check scholarship eligibility (MIGR link)
Step 2 – Prepare a research proposal
Step 3 – Determine and consult the relevant graduate research program
Step 4 – Identify appropriate supervisor/s for the proposed research
Step 5 – Complete an Expression of Interest form (all forms must be submitted 4 weeks before the closing date)

Please note that applicants are required to make contact with their prospective supervisor before they complete an Expression of Interest form.

Consultation with Monash staff will help to streamline the application process and improve the quality of the application itself. Staff members can provide the following assistance:

  • assessment of an applicant against the relevant scholarship selection criteria
  • refinement of the applicant’s research proposal
  • identification of appropriate supervisor/s for the applicant’s research
  • advice on the documentation to submit in support of an application

Applications without an Invitation to Apply will not be considered by the Faculty.

Application closing date

Applications for Monash scholarships close on 31 October (end-of-year round) and 31 May (mid-year round) each year.

Online application form and important information on how to complete the form (MIGR link)

If you are unable to submit an application via this online process please contact the Research Degrees Admission Unit at the Monash Institute of Graduate Research via email at

More information about applying for Postgraduate Research Scholarships… (MIGR link)