The Monash Philosophy program is internationally recognised as one of the finest in the country. Our research strengths lie in:

  • contemporary analytic philosophy
  • bioethics
  • European philosophy
  • aesthetics

Program content

The following degrees are offered in the Philosophy program:

  • 2695 Master of Arts
  • 0020 Doctor of Philosophy

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Program contacts

Research areas and supervisors

Philosophy is a leading area of research at Monash and our Department is well regarded both nationally and internationally. In the research ranking exercise in 2012 called Excellence in Research Australia, Monash Philosophy scored a 5, the highest possible score. We can offer supervision in a broad range of philosophical traditions and areas. Below is a list of what might be referred to as “areas of expertise” of individual staff, but they can and have supervised in other areas. For example, Graham Oppy has supervised in Philosophy of Mathematics as well as Philosophy of Physics.


Dr Linda Barclay
Social and political philosophy, applied ethics

Prof Andrew Benjamin
19th and 20th century European philosophy: especially Kant, Hegel, Derrida. Philosophy of Art, Walter Benjamin.

Dr Jacqui Broad
History of early modern philosophy, women’s political thought, feminism

Prof John Bigelow
Metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, philosophy of language

Dr Monima Chadha
Philosophy of language, epistemology, philosophy of mind, Indian philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy

Assoc Prof Toby Handfield
Ethical theory, decision theory, philosophy of economics, metaphysics, political philosophy, philosophy of law

Assoc Prof Jakob Hohwy
Philosophy of mind, cognitive science

Mr Lloyd Humberstone
Philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, metaphysics, modal logic and its applications

Assoc Prof Catherine Mills
Bioethics, biopolitics, contemporary European philosophy, feminism

Assoc Prof Justin Oakley
Ethical theory, virtue ethics, bioethics, reproductive ethics, professional ethics, moral psychology

Prof Graham Oppy
Philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, aesthetics, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language

Assoc Prof Alison Ross
Aesthetics, modern and contemporary European philosophy.

Prof Michael Selgelid
Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Public Health Ethics, Science and Ethics,
Social and Political Philosophy

Dr Paul Silva
Metaphysics and Epistemology

Dr Robert Simpson
Political philosophy, Legal theory, Epistemology

Assoc Prof Rob Sparrow
Bioethics, moral philosophy, social and political philosophy, applied ethics, environmental philosophy

Dr Ryan Tonkens
Applied ethics, bioethics, virtue ethics, ethics of reproduction, philosophy of technology, and ethics of artificial intelligence

Academics who may serve as associate supervisors for philosophy theses

Dr Paul Atkinson

Dr Elizabeth Coleman
Freedom of expression and cross-cultural communication (Communications)

Dr George van Doorn

Dr Patrick Emerton
Legal philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophy of language (Law)

Dr Michael Janover

Dr Kevin Korb
Artificial intelligence, inductive inference, cognitive science, philosophy of science (Info Tech)

Prof Alan Peterson

Prof Constant Mews
Medieval philosophy (History)

Dr Paul Muldoon

Assoc Prof Kate Rigby

Dr Mark Symmons

Dr Dale Smith
Legal philosophy (Law)

Dr Michael Ure
Political theory, Nietzsche (Politics)

Dr Chris Watkin

Our postgraduate students

Current students

Shaffarullah Bin Abdul Rahman
PhD thesis topic: Religious Pluralism, Religious Diversity, Salvation, John Hick
Supervisors: Graham Oppy, Monima Chadha

Anton Allen
PhD thesis topic: Sweet little lies: the ethics of placebo use in clinical practice
Supervisors: Justin Oakley, Michael Selgelid

Tim Allen
PhD thesis topic: The ethics of laws and policies to prevent childhood obesity
Supervisors: Michael Selgelid, Justin Oakley

Sun Kyung Chung
MPhil Thesis Topic: On representational theory of consciousness
Supervisors: Monima Chadha

Chris Coney
PhD thesis topic: Conceptions of public discourse in Plato’s Gorgias
Supervisors: Eva Aganostou-Laoutides, Dirk Baltzly

Henry Dobson
MA thesis topic: Panpsychism
Supervisors: Monima Chadha, Jacob Howy

Mark Howard
PhD thesis topic: Italian radical social movements 1968-78: A critique of sociological accounts of the politics of radical social movements.
Supervisors: Alison Ross, Steven Wright

Anuradhi Jayasinghe
MA thesis topic: Art and education in the ideal city (a translation and commentary on the fifth essay of Proclus’ In Platonis rem Publicam Commentarii)
Supervisors: Dirk Baltzly

Tessa Jones
PhD thesis topic: The Neural Constitution of Consciousness
Supervisors: Jakob Hohwy, Monima Chadha, Steven Miller

Evie Kendal
PhD thesis topic: Sex and Speculation: A feminist bioethics critique of ectogenesis and its representation in science fiction and popular culture
Supervisors: Catherine Mills, Olivia Khoo, Andrew Milner

James Kent
MA thesis topic: The philosophy of R. G. Collingwood and how it pertains to thinking about thinking
Supervisors: Andrew Benjamin

Shang Lu
MA thesis topic: Disagreement, a priori and Objectivity of Ontology
Supervisors: Graham Oppy, Toby Handfield

Jane Mcdonnell
PhD thesis topic: The effectiveness of mathematics in physics
Supervisors: Graham Oppy, Toby Handfield

James Molesworth
MA thesis topic: Implications of reported ‘Paranormal’ events for Theistic and Naturalistic Epistemology
Supervisors: Graham Oppy, Monima Chadha

Bryanna Moore
PhD thesis topic: Life, Death and Euthanasia: Can Virtue Ethics Help Us Make Decisions?
Supervisors: Justin Oakley, Ryan Tonkens

Liam Moore
MA thesis topic: Virtue ethics and public policy
Supervisors: Justin Oakley, Rob Sparrow

Tomoe Nakamura
PhD thesis topic: An examination of the concept of “aisthesis” in pre-Kantian aesthetics and its comparison with Japanese aesthetics
Supervisors: Andrew Benjamin, Alison Ross

Kate Noble
MA thesis topic: A Comparison of the Concepts of Mind in the Philosophy of Spinoza and Buddhist Master Shantideva
Supervisors: Catherine Rigby, Monima Chadha, Michael Fagenblat

Colin Palmer
PhD thesis topic: Autism-spectrum disorder and Bayesian models of brain function
Supervisors: Jakob Hohwy, Peter Enticott (Deakin University & Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre), Bryan Paton (Philosophy Program & Monash Biomedical Imaging)

Paul-Mikhail Podosky
MA thesis topic: The Logical Form of Existence
Supervisors: Graham Oppy, Toby Handfield

Thomas Ryan
PhD thesis topic: Nietzsche’s therapeutic philosophy
Supervisors: Michael Ure, Michael Janover, Keith Ansell-Pearson (Warwick)

Ryoji Sato
PhD thesis topic: The murky boundary of perceptual consciousness and the theories of consciousness
Supervisors: Jakob Hohwy, Monima Chadha

Max Sipowicz
MA thesis topic: Kant and aesthetics
Supervisors: Andrew Benjamin

Recently completed students

Adam Bales
MA thesis topic: Rationality (Resolute choice and normative uncertainty)
Supervisors: Toby Handfield, Justin Clarke-Doane, Graham Oppy

Craig Barrie
PhD thesis topic: Plato on Educating Citizens
Supervisors: Dirk Baltzly, John Bigelow, Dan Russell

Paul R. Daniels
PhD thesis topic: The Persistent Time Traveller: Contemporary Issues in the Metaphysics of Time & Persistence
Supervisors: John Bigelow, Toby Handfield, Dana Goswick (Melbourne)

Sam Green
MA thesis topic: An eliminativist challenge to moral fictionalism
Supervisors: Toby Handfield, Graham Oppy

David Kalkman
MA thesis topic: Evolutionary explanations of religious belief. Comparing adaptationist theories of religiosity with by-product theories, and examining prospects of the latter for evolutionary debunking of religious belief
Supervisors: Jakob Hohwy, Graham Oppy

Christina Majoinen
MA thesis topic: A Moral Nihilist Ethic
Supervisors: Toby Handfield, Josh May

Bryan Paton
PhD thesis topic: Filtering the mind and approximating the world: the free energy principle in sensory systems
Supervisors: Jakob Hohwy, Steve Miller

Mark Saward
MA thesis topic: Fine-Tuning Arguments
Supervisors: Graham Oppy, Toby Handfield

Brendan Vize
PhD thesis topic: Ethical belief
Supervisors: Graham Oppy, Monima Chadha

How to Apply

Contact Graham Oppy or Monima Chadha to discuss your research topic/potential supervisor before proceeding with your application.

You MUST follow all the steps of the Faculty’s application process when applying, otherwise your application will NOT be considered.

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